EVE Online 3D Printed Models

Ship: Aeon Supercarrier
Scale: 1/22946
Length (model): 407.035mm
Length (in-game): 9,346m
Total Parts: 7
Total Time: 6 days


Coming Soon:
1/22946 Revelation Dreadnought
1/2500 Oracle Battlecruiser
1/22946 Moros Dreadnought


Top Row:
1/22946 Moros Dreadnought (Work in Progress)

Middle Row (left to right)
1/22946 Revelation Dreadnought
1/5000 Oracle Attack Battlecruiser

Bottom Row
1/1000 Impairor Corvette


I’m sure there are people out there that would appreciate you sharing your 3d printer plans.

Official Plan:


Um, I was talking about the plans that would allow people to print the models, and not your plans for the future. But, okay.

Oh, speaking of which, did you see this 3d printed capsule?

These are the 3D Repositories I found.
The Aeon Supercarrier came from the 2nd link and ended up downloading them all

Kyle-Cerniglia/EvE-3D-Printing (github.com)
GetEveModels/obj_models at main · puffingprie/GetEveModels (github.com)


1/2500 Oracle Attack Battlecruiser Progress Update


1/2500 Oracle Development Progress 2


Current Painting Projects
1/2500 Oracle Attack Battlecruiser
1/22946 Revelation Dreadnought (Remastering in Progress)
1/22946 Moros Dreadnought (Remastering in progress)
1/1000 Cruor Frigate (WIP)
1/1000 Impairor Corvette (WIP)

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1/2500 Oracle Attack Battlecruiser Development Progress 3

Plating & Textures are made from index cards

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1/2500 Oracle Development Progress 4

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Has anyone and can you 3d print your eve character, that would be a cool thing to have.

Latest Collection Development

Oracle Development Progress 4
Windows installed + Tachyon beams + additional back detail
More pictures to come

Since those new navy destroyers + dreadnoughts are coming, people are going to have to get very creative in order to pull this off

Anyone know if you can 3d print your character like the ships

Oracle Attack Battlecruiser Development Progress 5

Latest Official Starship Collection