EVE Online Achievement Quests

I have a new idea in mind. Why don’t they make achievements to prove where they are in the game in general, other than the AIR Career Program already there. These achievements have a fancy name.

This is how I started out.


  • A New Beginner: Finish the New Player Experience
  • First Frigate:
  • A Bigger Ship: Obtain your first Destroyer (best if claimed from Career Agents)
  • Cruisin’ for a Cruiser: Build or buy your first Cruiser.
  • A bigger cruiser?: Build or buy your first BattleCruiser
  • The Sub-capital Edge: Build or buy your first Battleship
  • Capital Beginner: First Capital
  • Capital Strong: Successfully unlock all capitals (from skills)
  • Capital Champion: Successfully collect all Capital ships, including super capitals

Combat Complexes

  • DED Novice: Beat your first DED Complex
    More to be determined.

If you have any more achievement ideas, please let me know

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