Idea of simplifying skills and ship access

The first thing I hear from people that I introduce Eve online is how long it will take me to actually use this beautiful spaceship :grin: :rocket:

Many times people get discouraged and overwhelmed having to deal with skills and the inaccessibility of desirable spaceships

My solution to this issue is this
Rename skill books as certificates and allow freely skills to be trained in all branches but require certification when pre requirement is needed for another skill and you can do that certification in any point in the course like graduating from a class
This will allow the new player to enjoy the game then actually running to find skill books :books:

Next thing is access to ships no more red tape
Allow access to All ships but without the appropriate command level the spaceship will be running at limited capacity of all its internal components
This will allow the new player to have fun and enjoy he’s spaceship and not having to wait for the skills to level up and then getting bored and disappointed ,
And gradually he’s going to be leveling up the appropriate skills and getting certifications in time

This will allow for the ease of skill training in groups
it will be easier to assign a command that initiates required and recommended skills for individual spaceship to be placed on training queue
And you get a reminder for certification of skills that nearing their completion for you to get it certified.

I didn’t understand the certificates idea.

I love the idea of boarding and undocking all T1 ships without skills for them, with crushing penalties for travel/combat. Imagine you give your day one buddy a raven and they jump in and undock, and most of the external lights are off, and the engine cuts out, and the skin is stuck half applied, and the cargo falls out into space, and the guns destroy themselves if fired, and the dscan always returns Gallente Shuttle x256 at 0km, and sometimes when you jump you land back where you started, and the ship’s name is Name

Also when you warp with a raven you warp sideways and start flipping around :grin: that is not a joke it’s been happening in the past

The certifications are skill books but applied at the end of completion

Allowing people to undock in a ship with huge penalties because they don’t have the skills is going to lead to some truly hilarious lossmails.

I can’t help but approve…

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I doubt the skill system is going to change at all… it’s part of EVE’s dna.

What could potentially change is the ability to captain a crewed ship. The ship would require crew of course, but wouldn’t gain access to buffs to the various ship affecting skills, all that would come through crew skills which they’d gain through xp.

Also, since the ship wouldn’t be capsuleer capable (ie: less powerful,) it would be much cheaper.

But this would accomplish your original goal of allowing people to fly those more fancy hulls without the proper skills. And if they enjoy it, they could get themselves a proper capsuleer version of the ship.

Okay I’m a bit unsure what exactly the op wants, is it a change of the item access and bonus “tech tree” aka the the mechanic of advancing in the skill tree?

Yes Eney , instead of using skill books at the beginning you do a certification at the end of training or in the middle if there is a pre requirement for another skill , it is simple and it helps new players give them time until they learn the mechanics of the game , also this method allows for example right clicking on a ship and train all skills that are required you are not going to have to go and find books and start training and waiting for it to be completed .

The spaceships and items it would be nice to have access to all of them but with penalty sends you are not trained pilot use them at your own risk ,

hey people like it matters if you get jumped by the gangsters you’re done :skull_and_crossbones: don’t tell me now when you started you didn’t use they wrong weapons on a ship and upgrades :joy: we learn from our mistakes but let the game be fun and always remind them to ensure their spaceship that is what is for .

So the change is:

Without skill a malus wiht skil a base line and the higher the skill the bigger the bonus?

When you reach the skill level that is required for your spaceship :rocket: it will operating within normal parameters , if your skill level is below the requirement for example you’re going to have less power and CPU because you don’t know how to calibrate the power core greed and the CPU power allocation and cooling systems ,
Also there’s a chance to overheat the power core and blow it up :boom: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gotta say no on that one. Having someone pull out a ship and have it blow up without any input on their part is poor game design. Players need to understand when they’re making poor choices, so they can avoid them in the future.

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What’s the point in flying a ship you can’t use for anything other than flying?
Maybe to move it to another station but all this seems hardly worth it for just that.

A point of taking so much time is for you to learn the “soft” skills of EVE so you can be effective when you can fly the ship properly.

Admiring flying around experiencing the environment

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