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It’s “super-Mars” time!

Next minimum distance opposition will be in 2033 -but it won’t be as close as the current 2020 opposition.

Bonus: with a good telescope it’s easy to see the southern polar ice cap on Mars. A motherfriggin’ polar ice cap on another planet.


11 Billion Years of Our Universe’s History Were Missing… Until Now

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I think they only measure the brightness of stars with that telescope.

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Which class of civilization would the energy production method discussed below belong to?

Orbital Electrical Production Ring

Each planet that isn’t tidally locked has a rotation speed. Earth’s rotation speed is 1,037 mph. Basically a free spinning gear.

An artificial ring around the planet would be lined with magnets.
Sleds would then pass through the ring of magnets using the gravity of the Earth to pull the sleds. The sleds would have long handles that would dip into the Earth’s upper regions of gravitational influence to help ensure the sled is pulled along the magnetic ring at 1,037 mph. As the copper sleds are pulled along the magnetic ring by the Earth’s gravity at 1,037 mph, electricity is created.

Planets such as Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and even Pluto could build such rings around any planet to generate electricity from. Even rogue planets, found deep in space, and without a sun could have a ring built around it that could generate electricity for the planet, once thrusters were used to artificially create an axially rotation.

A highly advanced civilization would know that it would have to conserve its resources as much as possible while venturing out into space. Being able to artificially rotate a planet and then generate electricity from a generator type of set up using the planets rotation as the gear that the copper sleds rush past magnets to generate electricity, would not be resource intensive and would generate a life time supply of clean electricity for the planet.

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Basic Interstellar Communication and Language 101

Sending the World Ark into Space

Our method of detecting signals from alien life as well as sending signals into space trying to communicate with aliens, is all wrong.

The main communication factor that you are missing is one of the number one aspect for all life across the Universe. The beating heart. All life has to have a beating heart. The heart develops over the time it is in the womb to childhood and then adult hood and then into old age and finally death. During the sequence of the heart it will beat differently based on the gravitational influences effecting the planet as well as the heart being either female or male.

Alien life isn’t going to send a complex series of lines containing a text message. The first alien contact will be the sound of the alien heart over the speaker that has been digitized and transmitted into space. We often think that sight, is how we communicate first and foremost. The first type of communication that life had with the Universe wasn’t sight, it was sound. The sound of the beating heart. People are connected with other forms of life on the planet, even if that life is a tree or fish. We make a connection to the life because it has a beating heart. Not much emphasis is put on saving rocks from being crush compared to people saving trees. Why? Because the tree has a heart that beats.

With an alien civilization having the same night time viewing equipment that we do, such as a 127mm Star Max + 20mm eyepiece/90 diagonal + LG7 ThinQ camera phone, there would also be similarities in the background artifacts that are created when taking a photo set on 1/3 sec and 3200 ISO. One such artifact that is commonly found is a heart shaped artifact. I’m not certain what causes the heart shaped artifact but the fact that it appears numerous times in one image is exciting. If I am seeing the same heart shape in a telescope that an alien is seeing in their 127mm Star Max or comparable telescope then the heart is once again the link that draws two alien species together.

How should the communication pattern work?
Rather simply. First collect heart rate data on humans from the time the first heartbeat in the womb is heard until the last heartbeat of a person. Different people can be used. One set of data would be female and the other set would be male. The data would then be sent out in packets starting with the heart beat in the womb, through toddler and adolescence and so forth. The pulse should first start off with a loud thump of static or the sound of the Ultrasound being used in-between each beat, some type of noise that will create a pause, if only sightly. Then the toddler set, adolescent set, etc. If an alien civilization is out there and they intercept the signal, when they listen to the broadcast their subconsciousness should immediately translate the sound into that of a beating heart.

When they begin to pair the heart beats up with their own species heartbeat patterns, they will begin to realize that each set of signals is comparable to the heart beats of children in the womb, toddlers, adolescence, etc. The alien species will then be able to better create a medical model of the alien life sending the heart beat message as will we be able to create a medical image of how the aliens look based on their heartbeat message.

A probe placed somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn on an orbit around the Sun that would be able to receive a signal back as well as determining the overall clarity of the Heartbeat Signal sent to and from Earth would help in future missions of creating better antennas to receive deep space signals.

Other heartbeats that could be collected to paint a picture of life one Earth would be:

  1. Turtle, Cow, Deer, Wolf - Land (Included would be sloth/Koala Bear, squirrels, snakes
  2. Turkey, Bluebird, Sparrow, Buzzard, Eagle - Air
  3. Minnow, Bluegill, Bass, Porpoise, Orca, Great White Shark, Moby Dick, Hump Back Whale, Blue Whale. - Sea

Each type of animal has a heartbeat pattern that is consistent with the environment that they primarily thrive in. Sea,Air or Land, all generates a unique set of heartbeat patterns that are separate from all others.

The aliens would then send similar heart beat patterns back to us for us to match up with the heartbeats of similar animals on Earth.

More importantly two heart beats from different planets will breach the distance of time and space, faster than the speed of light.

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While some life may work without a heart, or artificial heart, it’s more biological or biochemical than communication only.

That would be more like a body language, or, signal emitted which could be used for hunting or, recognizance.

The speed of the communication is important over vast distance where the speed of light and related factors matter.
The source of the communication is important to save on those times to transmit.

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Basically animals that function in the air on land and sea will have a baseline heart beat for each type of environment they thrive in. Birds would have a baseline heart beat different then humans, pigs, cows or tigers, for example. The baseline heartbeat difference is what would allow an alien species to determine the data that was being sent to them were animals that flew, walked or ran on land or swam in the sea as their primary habitat.

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Over here they do.
Like in cold environment will be different.
However, there may be internal heat on some of those celestial.
Gravity change will also make them different.

Life reproduces itself and dies.
It does so by different process(es).

That is the only reason we are not in space now.
That is due to that gravity change, the effect it has on our life.
I am not sure about plants , and how gravity affects them, how they die and so on.
I believe animals have the same problems.

Bacteria may not be affected the same way.
Proteins, and so on.

Sentient life is also different than animal life.
Those time frames are billions of years old.
The new species relatively smaller time periods so far, which may be changed later.
Many species live for over 2 million years.

Bacteria are over 1 billion years old.

In July 2018, scientists reported that the earliest life on land may have been bacteria 3.22 billion years ago . In May 2017, evidence of microbial life on land may have been found in 3.48 billion - year - old geyserite in the Pilbara Craton of Western Australia.


That would mean there are a lot more lives under celestial bodies surfaces, we could leave bacteria to live there.


Here’s my question. If the gravitational waves from the merger reach Earth, would the energy in the waves be enough to cause the Super Volcano under Yellow Stone National Park to erupt?

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It seems the ground from the earth was formed from those Super Volcanoes eruptions.

That is how it created the land to be above sea levels.

The highest being the Himalayan range.

Another way would be from movements of those mass of magma, which eventually pushed lands and created mountains.
The land also moves under water.

I received two new eyepieces in the mail this past week and tested them out tonight.

Both show very good detail of the Moon. I can actually see the rocky cliffs around the craters.

I didn’t take any photos through the new eyepieces yet as I haven’t set my phone camera up to take photos through the very small aperture. But over the weekend I hope to take some of the best photos of the Lunar surface that I have taken to date.

Non-Carbon Based Life

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I think protein and bacterial life are most likely in many other places, since water is the part needed for life, and many places in our solar system does have water, including the Moon and Mars.
There are also other parts of life which may be on other celestial bodies.

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Here are a few photos that I took of the Moon last night and the night before using my new 6.3 mm eyepiece. The quality isn’t great up close, but as thumbnails you can see the detail.

Wow, that 6.3 mm eyepiece really does a nice job. Maybe you should consider getting a dedicated camera/ sensor to fully exploit your optics.

Meteor Impact Leaves Giant Crater in Africa, Creates Ejecta Blast Zone

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Huge Asteroid Double the Size of Great Pyramid of Giza to Enter Earth’s Orbit

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Asteroid Alert: Recently Spotted Space Rocks Inbound with NASA Disclosure!

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The Martian volcanos of Tharsis plateau, as seen through a home telescope.

It’s awesome what dedication and about 6,000 euros worth of equipment can do for a experienced amateur (with no Missus to preach about a hobby that involves staying up all night for several days in a row…).

PS: he’s gonna try next to pick orographic water ice clouds over the volcanoes… but it’s quite difficult since a) they are weather and happen when they please to (not too often) and b) weather on Earth is also quite a thing.

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A dedicated camera will cost at least $2,000 if not more.

You cannot see the volcanoes on Mars with anything less than the Hubble telescope.


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Is there life on Venus?! And was the Sun born a twin? | Night Sky News Sep 20

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At 1:58,
Moon , Jupiter and Saturn