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11 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain and 7 inch Maksutov get Mars in their sights! Who will win?

Spoiler: at similar focal lenght (2800 vs 2700 mm) magnification is the same, SCT is far brighter on the eyepiece but the Mak is a lot more portable (7 kg vs 13 kg) and brightness can be adressed through exposure on the sensor software. Also, in the poor atmospheric conditions of a city the sensitiveness to bad air on the massive 11 inch SCT is not that much of a disadvantage.

BTW, that beautiful Skyris sensor is about 600 $, which makes it an investment appropiate for dedicated astrophotographers.

I guess you don’t want to over-emphasize discernment so as to create something which doesn’t exist and would again require discerning to find out.

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At Least One Major Extinction Was Caused by a Supernova Event

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Anton Petrov
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Trillions of Rogue Planets Hidden In Our Galaxy With One Very Close

41,087 views • Sep 24, 2020
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Earth Seems To Be Flying Through a Supernova Right Now

46,150 views • Sep 25, 2020
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If a Super Nova is passing through the Sol System, then get ready for an environmental and ecological change that will include new forms of life.

Tonight, I will be taking photos of stars such as, Betelgeuse and The Pleiades, for the first time. Sound be interesting.

There’s also
a small chance that our life came from Mars,
and that our planet smashed into Mars around the Sumerian times,
and , the moon was created, and we took the atmosphere from Mars,
and life from Mars, and the Earth then moved to the orbit we are now,
and the water on Earth came from gas moons from Jupiter Gas planet,
although probably not exactly, even though the hypothesis would be a good
diversion to use for military use.

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Years ago I wrote a short story based on a similar hypothesis.

This is the story of the Planet Hume and it’s inhabitants called Humans.

Within this Universe, located inside the Milky Way Galaxy, is a Planetary System called Sol. A long time ago that system originally had five small inner Planets, four large outer Planets and one small Planet circling the outer edge. Over time the fifth Planet furthest from it’s Star eventually developed life that evolved into Sentient Beings.

List of original Planets starting from it’s Star known as Sol:

Now back to the story.

Humans are basically a Nomadic race with an insatiable desire to explore and exploit everything. Over time the Humans overpopulated Planet Hume and while making great advances in Technology, depleted the natural resources of the Planet. Despite recycling and conservation programs, they couldn’t stop the inevitable destruction of the Eco-system on Planet Hume which would soon no longer support life.

Knowing that they had limited time, Humans looked to escape the extinction of their race by colonizing the only other Planet within the Sol System that was capable of supporting life, the Planet Mars.

Planet Mars was a young lush tropical Planet teaming with Vegetation, rich in natural resources with no Sentient life. The Humans on Planet Hume used their remaining resources to build great Space Ships which relocated the entire Human race to Planet Mars.

Time passes …

With their advanced Technology and prior knowledge of the mistakes made on their home world Planet Hume, the Humans were very conservative with the natural resources on Planet Mars. Life flourished and everything was great for 100’s of years. However due to the depletion of natural resources and destruction of the Eco-system on Planet Hume, the Planet itself eventually exploded which caused a Gravitational shift among the inner Planets of the Sol System.

List of current Planets starting from it’s Star known as Sol:
Asteroid Belt (Hume)

Now back to the story.

The Gravitational shift caused catastrophic events to take place on Planet Mars which quickly turned the lush tropical climate into a barren arid wasteland. Due to the lack of surface Vegetation the Oxygen rich atmosphere dissipated which ultimately forced the Humans to live underground. Even though the surface of Planet Mars was laid to waste, there was still water available underground. With advanced Technology, recycling and conservation programs, the Human race continued to flourish. Despite strict protocols on birth control due to limited resources, they knew eventually the Human race would be facing extinction once again…

Time passes …

Due to the Gravitational shift of the inner Planets, the Planet Terra had now become capable of supporting life. The Planet itself was teaming with different kinds of Vegetation and Animal life, extremely rich with natural resources and according to Sensor Probes, no Sentient life. The Humans on Planet Mars still had the giant Space Ships they originally used to leave Planet Hume. To escape extinction once again, the Human race planned to reuse those same ships and move their entire population to Planet Terra.

While preparations were being made to evacuate from Planet Mars, a Faction calling themselves Martians soon arose. The community was now split into two groups, Martians and Humans. Despite reports from the Sensor Probes showing no Sentient life forms, the Martians claimed the Humans had no right to make Planet Terra their new home due to the possibility it might contain or soon produce Sentient life.

Due to conflicting opinions, tension rose and as the time to evacuate got nearer, small fights started happening between the two Factions. The fighting escalated and soon all communication between Humans and Martians halted which gave way to open hostility. Eventually an uneasy peace was secured and the Humans launched their ships to Planet Terra.

Unknown to the Humans, a small fanatical group of Martians had secretly infiltrated the Human Community days before the launch and sabotaged the ships, rigging them to explode after entering orbit of Planet Terra. Most of the Humans died, however some of them managed to get into Escape Pods and land safely on Planet Terra.

The Humans in the Escape Pods were spread out over a large area and quickly found themselves in a harsh land filled with danger. To make matters worse, they realized that Planet Terra did indeed have Sentient life forms which they called Neanderthals. These Neanderthals were very primitive and violent, aggressively attacking the Humans who had invaded their territory. Despite their brute strength, the Neanderthals were no match for the superior intellect of the Humans who quickly eliminated the Neanderthal species.

With all of their supplies, equipment and Technology destroyed, the Human race was forced to start over again by living in caves, wearing animal skins for clothing and creating crude weapons for survival.

Time passes …

Humans are basically a Nomadic race with an insatiable desire to explore and exploit everything. Over time the Humans have overpopulated Planet Terra which they now call Earth. They have made great advances in Technology but are quickly polluting and depleting the natural resources of the Planet. Despite recycling and conservation programs, they won’t be able to stop the inevitable destruction of the Planet’s Eco-system which eventually won’t be able to support life as they know it.

Knowing that they have limited time, Humans are now looking to escape the extinction of their race by colonizing other Planets.

This is the story of the Planet Hume and it’s inhabitants called Humans.

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I will read it later, however, if an asteroid is going to hit the earth, and comes from around an orbit which is coming from around the orbit of Mars, and hits the earth, and change the atmosphere of the earth, it may have changed the atmosphere of Mars.

It may also have changed the orbit of Mars if the energy is enough.
It may also have changed the orbit of the Earth if the energy is enough.

This is from the Sumerian story, but, their observation of planets showed Pluto near Saturn and so on.
If a small asteroid was hit by a large celestial object, and, caused it to disintegrate, and go inside the asteroid belt, it may have pushed it to it’s new , more irregular, other than plane , more unusual compared to others and more different, orbit.

It’s all a matter of energy and the time that those energy occur, and how, and so on.

Mass is related to Energy, and, there are ways to calculate those relation of mass to the equivalent and directly related energy, and the indirectly related energy and their effects.

22 hours later:
Not to mention that, the Earth already does move from it’s orbit, from the direction of Mars orbit, in relation to Jupiter and so on, because, each planets, in their own orbits, affect one another, as they move by, with their respective energy from their respective speed, in their respective orbits, in relation to one another.

That is, the Earth’s gravity also affect the trajectory of high speed celestial bodies coming near it, just as the Earth’s (astronomical) gravity keeps us from falling off into space.

Smaller Asteroids have smaller gravity, as we do.

But I did mention it.
It would apparently be, in the times of Sumerian, before those calculation for mass and gravity would be implemented into the equation to get more accurate results based on those earlier findings.

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No, there is not life in Venus. And you know why not? Because there’s not even bloody hydrogen in Venus. 20 tiny parts per million of water, that’s all the hydrogen that there’s in Venus atmosphere. Also, phosphine, you know, is a part of what happens to fulgurites from lightning struck phosphorus rocks, specially in a high temperature environment.

This is chemistry at Wikipedia level, no more.

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This Supernova Seemed To Have Exploded Inside Another Star

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Anton Petrov
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The weather has been cloudy and fogger at best here which has made it all but impossible to get some photos of Orion the Hunter, which has Betelgeuse as a star. Hopefully if the weather breaks tonight, I will be going out and taking some photos. Last night wasn’t too bad, but there was a layer of fog hanging in the air about 40 feet off of the ground which would have turned my telescope into a water fountain.

Here are a few artifacts I have found in photo’s taken of Psi Sgr.

Can you see the head? Real artifact.

Artifact 16 16-081620004

Artifact 17 17-081620004

Then there’s this one.

Artifact 29-29-081620004a

I finally caught Betelgeuse tonight along with Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak, 42 Ori and 45 Ori.


Stars at the far right, starting from the top, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak

Two stars to the right, 42 Ori, top and 45 Ori bottom right.


I found my first artifact in one of the Betelgeuse photos.

Here is the original.

The artifact is the round circular object with the orb near the bottom.

Artifact 1-1 1007200322

Cleaned up and Nova lighting added.

The Betelgeuse Medallion

This artifact would be a good one to make into a medallion. The orb would be a pearl with a sapphire inlaid in the middle. The ring itself would be made of silver. The chain of link silver as well.


“Chinese Hubble” Finds The Strongest Magnet In The Universe

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Anton Petrov
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This Is What You Would See at the Edge of the Universe

344,594 views • Jan 13, 2019
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20 hours ago:

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 | Proving that the centre of the Milky Way is a BLACK HOLE!

11,305 views • Oct 6, 2020
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Dr. Becky
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Using the International Space Station to detect X-rays from black holes

3,017 views • Oct 8, 2020
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Dr. Becky
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2 days later:

I’ll call your Mercury and raise you Jupiter!
This is what Mercury looks like in ultraviolet vs. visible light!

3 days later:

Will This Chinese Startup Be The First To Mine Asteroids?

33,198 views • Oct 9, 2020
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Seen yesterday, but, not watched until today, due to being too busy with other things…
Anton Petrov
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If the center of the Milky Way Galaxy was a Black Hole, then the Black Hole itself would be have to be immense, at least 1,000 times larger than the biggest black hole ever discovered.

Black Holes are the most powerful gravitational force in existence and are always moving. There is nothing in the Universe with enough gravity to effect a black hole as the black hole would consume it. Since our galaxy is pinwheel shaped and a black hole is constantly moving, matter in our galaxy would be pulled along with the black hole as the black hole moved through our galaxy, thus leaving behind a telltale sign of something be dragged through the galaxy.

Our galaxy is not shrinking either which would be the first sign that a black hole was at the center of the the Milky Way galaxy. But since our Universe isn’t shrinking due to be consumed by a black hole, once again there isn’t a black hole at the center of our galaxy.

We would be able to see the Black Hole at the center our galaxy very easily because the light from the stars on the backside of the black hole would be consumed and never reach Earth.

There is something there.
It is possibly the largest discovered and so on.
There may be different types and so on.

Black holes do consume what is nearby them, even if they have effect on other systems, further away, and, in what way those effects are (working).
The consumption is more like a reaction and a nuclear change.

This has to be verified then, as the black hole reference may be a scientific error, honest error or not.

Certainty ratio do occur.
400% and more and certainly feasible.
Even at 500% certainty ratio, there is a still a chance that, every 501 occurrences, there will be a change, even if those changes are different over 1,002 occurences.

1 day later:

WHEN AND WHERE TO LOOK FOR MARS #REPUBLIC @republic https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/science/mars-tonight-when-and-where-will-planet-mars-be-visible-tonight?v=1 Last Updated: 13th October, 2020 15:53 IST

3 hours later:

Brilliant Discovery of a Planet in a Galaxy Far Far Away

11,956 views • Oct 13, 2020
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Anton Petrov
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If a black hole existed at the center of our galaxy, cosmologists would have been able to determine that our galaxy is shrinking due to being consumed by a black hole, matter of fact all galaxies would be shrinking if a black hole was at the center of each galaxy.

More likely, there are hundreds of billions of stars at the center of our galaxy and not a black hole.

In each of the images below of different galaxies, there is not a single black spot in the center that would prove a black hole is at the center of each galaxy. Black Holes don’t form arms around their center eithers, only stars ejecting hot gases and metals create such arms and the bright spot in the center of each galaxy.

Maybe White Holes are at the center of each galaxy instead, making for a more sensible and logical foundation as to what gives each galaxy its life.

In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime and singularity which cannot be entered from the outside, although energy-matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can be entered only from the outside and from which energy-matter and light cannot escape. White holes appear in the theory of eternal black holes. In addition to a black hole region in the future, such a solution of the Einstein field equations has a white hole region in its past.[1] However, some[who?] believe this region does not exist for black holes that have formed through gravitational collapse, nor are there any known physical processes through which a white hole could be formed. Although information and evidence regarding white holes remains inconclusive, the 2006 GRB 060614 has been proposed as the first documented observance of a white hole.[2]

Thus the White Hole would create the intense glow at the center of the galaxy from which light and energy escapes from. Energy-matter and light cannot enter a White Hole but through a similar process that allows a black hole to consume light and energy-matter, a White-Hole consumes only energy-matter and light and then expels the energy-matter and light back into space in the form of new stars.

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The stars would be covering the black hole, from between the black hole and us.
They would gather up there, near the black hole, due to the black hole gravity or force, or, action - reaction system.
However, if other black holes are elsewhere, why would centers act differently.?

Right, perhaps black holes of that size don’t hold galaxies at this time.
It could be other systems.

If the light from this depiction / description / graphical rendition / expression is between the observer and the other side of the black hole, we would see the light instead of the hole.

By Yuen Yiu, Inside Science | Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We Found Hidden Underground Liquid Water Lakes on Mars

37,624 views • Oct 14, 2020
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Anton Petrov
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Tour of Asteroid Bennu

123,253 views • Oct 8, 2020
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NASA Goddard
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Scientist Finally Find A Place To Touch Down On Asteroid Bennu

138,078 views • Dec 16, 2019
Scott Manley
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This NASA Spacecraft Could Unveil the Origins of Life

45,552 views • Oct 14, 2020
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If the Universe is expanding, where is the centre?

16,252 views • Oct 15, 2020
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Dr. Becky
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If there was a black hole at the center of every galaxy, x-rays would be detected above and below the accretion disk as a result of matter being consumed by the black hole and being ejected as x rays.

So there is something else .

Even if there was a hidden black hole, or a white hole,
there may be a group of black hole, and something else blocking the emission which would occur from other black holes.

Either way, something is at the center of those galaxies, which makes them behave around that center.
It may have been created from the big bang, (or) during the big bang, and, retained it’s existence until now, or, was created after, and may cease to exist after conditions change leading it to it.

Would white holes behave like that?
With multiple black holes in it?
That would be important for after we’re dead,
because, black holes will become more prevalent after suns and stars cease to exist…

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The Mystery of Saturn’s Giant Hexagonal Storm May Soon Be Solved

4,933 views • Oct 16, 2020
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We Didn’t Expect To Find Another Orbital Plane In The Solar System!

39,648 views • Oct 15, 2020
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Anton Petrov
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Gaia Telescope Discovers 5 Incredible Things About Milky Way Galaxy

9,064 views • Oct 16, 2020
9.2K views - 1 hour ago

2 days later, 1 day after the last update:

Planet With Unusual Parameters β Pic c Confirmed Visually

14,007 views • Oct 17, 2020
11K views - 2 hours ago

3 days later, 23 hours after the last update:

Discovery of a Colossal Black Hole Surrounded By 6 Galaxies

20,846 views • Oct 18, 2020
20K views - 3 hours ago

This black hole is not at the center of a galaxy, or something else there, but, at the center of 6 surrounding Galaxies, or, rather, into their general relative center…
It is also greater in size then usual (due to it).

LIVE | Non-dangerous, where is Asteroid 2020UA? This will pass Very Close. (It will pass safely)

41 watching now
space googlevesaire
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- 9:32 PM - iEuno1​ - Why don’t they show their relative locations then, instead of the trajectory?

9:32 PM - iEuno1​ - Isn’t it kind of odd that they are not more accurate than this?

9:32 PM - iEuno1​ - I mean, there is no way they don’t calculate this and changes.

9:32 PM - iEuno1 ​- Why don’t they show it instead?

3 minutes ago

10 hours later:

JANUARY 30, 2020

Two satellites just avoided a head-on smash: How close did they come to disaster?

by Gregory Cohen, The Conversation

13 minutes later:


OSIRIS-REX Mission Update on the Science of Capturing an Asteroid Sample

83 waiting • Scheduled for Oct 19, 2020
Live in 5 hours, 4 hours in 1 minute.
October 19, 3:00 PM
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Sun Has Reversed Polarity Starting New 25th Solar Cycle

53,568 views • Oct 19, 2020
51K views - 3 hours ago

5 days later, 23 hours after the last update:

LIVE | NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touch-and-go (TAG) maneuver to collect sample on asteroid Bennu

10 hours later:

The Supernova That Measured The Universe

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Surprisingly, 42 Year Old Venus Pioneer Data Was Hiding Phosphine Too

34,300 views • Oct 20, 2020
32K views - 11 hours ago
Anton Petrov
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Yes, it’s more safe on Venus for now, until we improve for Mars.

It’s also easier this way first.

It’s better to do more robotics on Mars for now.

We can send life to Mars like plants and other systems for analysis.

A bit like how God placed life on Earth.

It’s also faster for now.

Just because it would be similar to how God placed life on Earth if we did it on Mars first, before Venus, doesn’t mean that it’s not easier for us there.

Besides, if angels were in the firmament before, so would be (able to be) there now.

6 hours later:

Hubble Trivia: 12) Hubble witnessed plumes of water vapor on which of Jupiter’s moons?

1,416 views • Oct 21, 2020
197 views - 11 minutes ago
NASA Goddard
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1 hour later:

Moon Had Powerful Magnetosphere That Vanished and We Just Learned Why

389,039 views • Jan 5, 2020
389K views - 9 months ago

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Could Oumuamua, and other asteroids, that pass Earth very closely actually be material from the Mariana Trench?

ʻOumuamua is the first known interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System. Formally designated 1I/2017 U1 , it was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakalā Observatory, Hawaii, on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun on 9 September. When it was first observed, it was about 33 million km (21 million mi; 0.22 AU) from Earth (about 85 times as far away as the Moon), and already heading away from the Sun.

With all of the yearly asteroids ‘close calls’ that Earth has, I am beginning to suspect that the asteroids might have come from the Mariana Trench. An event in Earth’s past, such as a large frozen chunk of ice water, could have impacted Earth and gouged out the Mariana Trench, much like a glacier scrapes and cuts the land as it slowly moves across the ground. The material that was ejected could have become the asteroids that are detected on yearly basis that travel close to Earth. After the ice chunk impacted Earth, material from Earth and the ice chunk could have mixed together to possibly create comets that travel close to our Sun as well, not to mention leaving behind a large volume of frozen water, that over time would have melted and added a certain volume of water to Earth’s surface.

The composition of Oumuamua and the other celestial body, or, rather, spatial body, as, celestial, may also imply in the sky, which went through our solar system, after Oumuamua, is very important, because it will let us update our chemical elements table, and so on.

There are property for each of those, and, their properties, may be different, in a good way for us.

Black Hole Spaghettified a Star and We Saw Its Last Moments

52,013 views • Oct 21, 2020
52K views - 15 hours ago
Anton Petrov
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Milky Way Erupted With a Power of Million Supernovae, But Why?

134,705 views • Oct 10, 2019
134K views - 1 year ago

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Watch Stars Orbit Milky Way’s Black Hole in Nearly 20-Year Time-Lapse

55,461 views • Jul 31, 2018
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Water on Mars: Network of Lakes Found Beneath Surface

31,585 views • Sep 29, 2020
31K views - 3 weeks ago
TomoNews US
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Simulation of the orbits of stars around the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way

108,423 views • Jul 26, 2018
108K views - 2 years ago
European Southern Observatory (ESO)
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The REAL source of Gravity might SURPRISE you…

216,915 views • Jun 13, 2020
217K views - 4 months ago
The Science Asylum
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Unexpected Discovery From Van Allen’s Belts of Planet Earth

10,353 views • Oct 22, 2020
10K views - 3 hours ago

Corona Mass Ejection

NASA’s OSIRIS REx Mission Ends Up With More Than It Expected

238,480 views • Oct 24, 2020
238K views - 1 day ago
Scott Manley
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3 days later, 7 hours after the last update:

4 days later:

Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station

390,233 views • Nov 23, 2018
388K views - 1 year ago
APOD Videos
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a 1 minute and 36 seconds video.

#spacediscoveries #nasa #space

10 Planet Discoveries That SCARE Astronomers | Space Discoveries 2020

687,710 views • Jul 21, 2020
687K views - 3 months ago
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2020 Space Discoveries That Show We’re Not Alone

640 views • Oct 26, 2020
640 views - 1 hour ago

Biggest Black Hole Discoveries in History | Space Discoveries 2020

9,682 views • Oct 23, 2020
9.6K views - 3 days ago

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