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Has Earth’s machine learning really found new habitable worlds or is machine learning betraying humanity to worlds full of machine life only?

Thanks for the likes everyone. If you have any photos of stars taken with a cell phone, or photos of the Moon. Please post them here. Every photo of a star or the Moon taken is a library for the future.

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The average temperature of the Universe is -454 degrees. Instant freezing of all biological material unless a very large and hot heat source is present.

Universe - Wikipedia.

I wonder, can the temperature of the Universe reach -1,000 degrees? Without stars and other kinetic moments taking place in the Primordial Universe that generate heat, the cold particle would have been the only particle capable of existing in the PU (Primordial Universe). Such a particle would have such a cold exterior shell that even colder temperatures of space could possibly even freeze a black hole in an instant. Temperatures around -5,000 degrees F would be necessary to freeze a black hole in an instant.

The surface temperature of WR 102 is estimated to be 377,540 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since a star had been measured to be 377,540 degrees F, then the lowest temperature in Primordial space time would be - 377,540 degrees F. Atomic time would cease to exist. Matter would not exist at all. except for a particle capable of withstanding the extreme cold that would generate just enough heat due to kinetic interaction with the nothingless to cause,slow and incremental heat to be generated. Cold Heat that would cause other reactions to take place that eventually turn into a Big Bang and eventually life itself.

If elememts can exist inside of star that 377,540 degrees F where the furnace creates heat an light, then elements would be able to exist inside of star that is -377,540 F. A cold star would create cold heat and cold light, the opposite of a hot star.

When the elements of a cold star and hot star collide, reactions, similar to using a flame thrower on ice or placing an iceberg on a campfire would take place.

Steam vapor is created.

In the Bible, it is said that God cast Lucifer into the enternal lake of fire for trying to be like God.

In the lake of fire however, Lucifer would still habe had the ability to transfer heat energy to continue being powerful.

But if God had thrown Lucifer into the lake of eternal cold, a -337,540 degree cold star, Lucifer would not have any power at all.

Therefore the casting of Lucifer into the enternal lake of fire must be an alien construct designed to keep Lucifer around in order to limit God and Creations power of instructing humans in the ways of space exploration and colonization of planets in order to keep life from spreading to the galaxy so that chaos would entangle life with notions of conspiracy based on free speech. Conspiracy designed to harvest more trees, for more money, like inflation is designed to do, so that less oxygen is created, which life on Earth needs in order to exist.

Sometimes, it hurts being me. Then again…not really.

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Alpha Centurai is 4.36 light years away and it would take an airline jet 5 million years to get there. What we have to get our heads around is that these are impossible distances, I don’t think any living being alien or human would ever be able to traverse this distance.

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Very true, but if we can create a rocket that produces an immense sudden burst of exhaust that gets to 25% the speed of light and coasts to Alpha Centauri, the passengers chances would be greater.

A burst of that magnitude would immediately kill everyone on board, All of their bones would fracture. There would have to be a build up to that speed if it were even possible.

Imagine sitting in a stationary car and then suddenly the car is going 100 mph, one would break their neck as the car jolts to 100 mph let alone 46,000 mps.

Also the human body can barely withstand 9 g’s when accelerating, what you’re talking about is hundreds of times above that.

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Space is somewhat different. Gravity is less, thus the reason why astronauts float. Once at a steady cruising speed of about 16,150mph (26,000kph) in orbit, astronauts no more feel their speed than do passengers on a commercial airplane. The key is to create a vessel that shuttles the astronauts around a central orbital point while traveling forward.

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Yes, this is exactly what we see in many sci fi films.

Sci-Fi inspires.

If man hadnt been inspired by a bird, then humanity would never have flown.

What does space smell like?

A succession of astronauts have described the smell as ‘… a rather pleasant metallic sensation … [like] … sweet-smelling welding fumes’, ‘burning metal’, ‘a distinct odour of ozone, an acrid smell’, ‘walnuts and brake pads’, ‘gunpowder’ and even ‘burnt almond cookie’.

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No, it’s not sci-fi.

Can We Create Artificial Gravity? - Bing video

Never said it was Sci-fi , i said it was seen in sci-fi films.

I do believe such a design can create an artificial gravity but this still does not mean humans can travel at 1/5 of C

The biggest issue with humans traveling at very fast speeds in space is the gravitational build up on the hulls ship as the ship travels faster and faster. If you look at the velocities that CERN /LHC accelerates particles at and the results of metallic particles colliding at said rate of velocity, then you can see the problem.

The problem is stripping the incoming particles of mass so that interactions do not take place that either fuse with the hull of the ship to add mass or cause the hull to disintergrate.

Get rid of the incoming particles and a vessel can theorectically travel at light speed and faster velocities.

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A dwarf planet that has a ring but should have a moon, astronomers don’t understand why.

Most likely the ring formed from material left behind by the creatiom of our solar system. Possibly some exotic or very rare mineral or even remnants of Primoridal matter that remained behind after the Big Bang.

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The eye doc found a cataract in my right eye today, see the image below. Am I freaking out. Not really, because what I see is an Engineers ship from Prometheus setting off towards the sun over a wheat field.

Thus, life turning fear into something of benefit.

Life could have come to the Milky Way due to smaller galaxies being consumed by our galaxy.

One galaxy, our galaxy, would be similar to the females egg, the smaller galaxies, each galaxy containing male DNA of different bi-pedal humanoid lifeforms. Which ever male galaxy penetrates the egg first gets to fertilize the egg to produce said humanoid offspring.

A question.

We know that an atom has numerous particles that comprise the atom. We know that the particles move around the atom differently for each atom.

Would it be possible to map the movement of each particle around the atom as well as smaller particles around the host particle using a graph? Each particle would have six sides. On the face of side would be a vertical, horizontal and 3D graph that would plot the relationship of each particle to other particles of the same atom.

If such a digital graph is possible, how does the results of each plot on a single face correlate to interactions with the plots of particles that are part of a totally different atom as well as the space between two like atoms and two completely different atoms?

Asteroid Ryugu rich in molecules that can be building blocks of life | Space

Someone should add water to the bowl that rocks are kept in and see what happens.

is there a youtube vid explaining this?