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Life isn’t a You Tube video.

Forgive me for trying to understand what you’re going on about.

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‘Runaway’ black hole the size of 20 million suns found speeding through space with a trail of newborn stars behind it

[Astronomers have discovered a “runaway” black hole, potentially the first observational evidence that supermassive black holes can be ejected from their host galaxies.

Perhaps there was a Primordial black hole that was formed out of Primordial particles due to the same process that ejected the black hole in the article out of a region of Primordial space-time. As the PBH moved through space-time, the immense gravitational field of the PBH pulled matter from Primordial space-time along with it and created stars in its wake.

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New Corridor Found In Pyramid at Giza Is Using Cosmic Rays

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An Algorithm Has Detected 8 Mysterious Signals That Possibly Came From Aliens

An Algorithm Has Detected 8 Mysterious Signals That Possibly Came From Aliens (msn.com)

Scientists discover how to make electricity ‘out of thin air’

Scientists discover how to make electricity ‘out of thin air’ (msn.com)

A team from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that a hydrogen-consuming enzyme from a common soil bacterium was able to generate an electrical current using the atmosphere as an energy source.

“We’ve known for some time that bacteria can use the trace hydrogen in the air as a source of energy to help them grow and survive, including in Antarctic soils, volcanic craters, and deep in the ocean,” said Professor Chris Greening from Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

Have you considered getting a (new or) used Asus tuf based laptop for outdoors/high condensation? I have a custom gaming desktop based around a TUF motherboard I bought used for 450 usd, that’s when I first learned about them.

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No I havent. Since I have a camera that I can connect to my laptop as well as the telescope, I would like a laptop that is condesation proof.

And believe me, there have been times during the summer 3 AM that condensation drips off of everything like it was raining.

Have a look at how a car demists the windscreen, find the specific gas used for the cars aircon and then see if you can build a small tent where you can pump the gas and air mixture into while you’re outside which should keep your electronics condensation free while it’s idle.

You could buy something like this along with a petrol generator and compressor where you can add the air con gas to the mix and pump it into the tent. The aircon gas should be safe since we all use it in the summer to keep cool while driving.

You’d be creating a mobile observatory of sorts, pretty cool stuff, this seems like an interesting issue to try and solve :slight_smile:

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I have tried that. The condensation still gets on the equipment due to the area being covered not being a temperature that keeps condensation for happening.

I could always put a heater in the tent to make the environment warmer than the cold air outside.

There are warmer blankets for telescopes that I haven’t tried.

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This Theory Claims Quantum Entanglement May Be Responsible For Human Consciousness

This Theory Claims Quantum Entanglement May Be Responsible For Human Consciousness (msn.com)

Quantum Entanglement is not responsible for human consciousness or consciousness of life in general. Consciousness would have had to have been involved in Quantum Entanglement in order to accurately entangle the consciousness. Otherwise, the entanglement would not have created the biological shell of the human body.

There has to be a primordial account for thought. Otherwise energy would never need to intermix to create a consciousness.

There must be a connection between the tree and apple to the black hole. If you look at some yellow apples, the shape of the apple is very similar to the image of the blackhole in the article above.

The information being sent by the tree to grow more seeds and create a shell of nutrients around the seeds causes the apple bud to expand.

When the apple grows large enough, the information being sent to the apple stops. Nutrients no longer able to keep the stem fresh to resist the pull of gravity diminishes and is no longer able to hold the apple to the tree.

The apple drops and begins to decay that then provides enough weight and nutrients for the seed to be dropped and take hold of the soil and grow a new apple tree.

A black hole is much the same as the yellow apple. The star provides a shell of nutrients, information that keeps the star from collapsing then stops and causes the star to collapse into a black hole. The matter collected by the black hole provides nutrients to the singularity or singularities at the center of the black hole. The radiation being emitted makes certain living beings stay away from the black hole.

Does that mean the black hold is scared?

When the conditions are correct, the black hole dissipates or decays to allow the singularity to seed itself in space-time. But what is seeded? A new star, life or is the potential for a new universe present that would create another Big Bang moment?