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Yes, very nice, I like the color too.
I didn’t get to make a video or or take photos of the ones I saw back in around 1982 or so (+/-2 years, I forgot exactly when it was, although I may be able to find out for a few hundreds).

I also saw the ring(s) around Saturn, although the resolution we had made it more like a large ring than 2 or more, with more defined resolution.
You could still clearly see something much larger defined going around the center circle, the same from top to bottom, and bottom to top, with some form of angle on it.

It’s harder to detect due to the pointer device that we used to get a general direction for the higher focus magnification lens.

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I use the SkEye app to pinpoint what I am looking at. Its difficult to get orientated though.

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The moon is easy to see and impossible to miss after a few seconds…
Saturn however is much smaller from here…
And so, it is much harder to target.

Saturn is bright point to the left of the Moon. Jupiter is the bright point to the right of the Moon.

I don’t think that either can be considered stars because they are planets.

If the weather is good this weekend I plan on taking some shots of Saturn and Jupiter.

That only happens when those planets happen to be there, they move around all the time and also show up at different places.

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The first night out I viewed Jupiter.

When I looked through the telescope and noticed moons orbiting around what I thought was a star I thought maybe I was seeing stars that were further away and didn’t appear in the night sky.

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I didn’t get to see Jupiter from a telescope yet.
I did see Saturn, and the ring(s), I could even draw you the relative resolution which I saw, and describe how small it was in the higher focused lens. For some reason, it also didn’t show up on the finder tube.
I think that we had to guide ourselves with some of the surrounding constellations of stars, to get a general idea of where it would be.
I think the person that owned the telescope may have done some study or research before inviting me so as to have a general idea as to where to look for Saturn that day/ evening/ just before the night.

(I didn’t see any moons, except our own moon, yet.)

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I took some more videos last night. Better quality this time around. More light and less orangish brown.

The first three screenshots were taken with a 25% Moon filter. The rest were taken without a Moon filter.

Hopefully I will be able to get a better camera before the end of the year. Or maybe for next Spring. The images and video taken above were with a 3 mega pixel. The next step up will be the 5 meg pixel. I might also be looking into getting one of these.

I could probably make my own for a lot cheaper.