Eve Online Connection LTE Fallback

My connection gets cut every once in a while. Usually takes a bout a minute to get back into the game. My Router does support using an LTE stick as fallback method though. That means I could buy such an LTE stick, connect it to the router and set it up so that the same second that my DSL connection gets cut, the router switches over to use the LTE (mobile) connection.

The question is, would that work for eve without the socket closing, so that I can stay inside the game? The problem is probably that my IP would switch from one instant to the other and then switch back after half an hour.

Probable not. Maybe you cane use your LTE for all the time you play EVE?

I don’t think so. I would just use whatever connection is more reliable. As a side point, the bandwidth consumed by Eve Online is very low while your connected to the server, I have successfully played on 2G data connection.

You will only need a higher data cap and higher throughput when downloading updates.

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given that the regular line would hold all the connections on a different ip than the lte stick, you’d still suffer from disconnections. the only way around this would involve some heavy trickery with a proxy in the middle, which keeps routing all data and connections from your two access points to the internet (regular and fallback), and manages all outside connections. i hope that explains it properly.

I was having that trouble for a long time and was getting aggravated wit Eve, dropping connections, sitting for 30 mins or more for it to reconnect, I was a mad MOFO. But I reinstalled my computer for personal maintenance reasons… and I never had that problem again.

I was thinking I must have installed something or changed some connection setting that was giving me fits

Or you can simply have a terrible connection to the rest of the world, like many of us that live outside the heavily populated areas of the world.

OP have you considered changing your provider? If there are others offering internet services in your area they may not have the drop outs you are facing.

No it was horrible but I wiped my computer clean and it worked perfectly ever since.

I think it was my fault because I trying out a TCP/IP compression speed booster crap and I took it out long ago. And my internet was kinda half crazy since.

It’s hard to say what is reason without looking to computer. This also may by problem from provider.

I play all the time on 3G and its working great. Even 2G should handle all PvE stuff without big lags.

I played it on dial up a while… not too bad.

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