Bad Internet Solutions

I haven’t had this problem before, but recently I have been experiencing random socket closures on some or all of my clients. Along with the normal possible ISP problems etc, I was wondering if it is possible to run a backup internet connection of sorts. Similar to UPS for power, I can run both an ethernet and wifi connection from my computer, so in the event that one of them goes down for a second is there a way I could switch to the other so that my clients don’t disconnect? It is pretty annoying to lose ships that aren’t replaceable due to socket closures.

The root problem IMHO is that Eve Online’s network stack is extraordinarily fragile because it uses a single TCP session with no durable authentication mechanism such as certificates or tokens. I suffer more disconnects than with all other MMOs combined and have lost several multi-billion ISK ships because of it. I don’t run abyssals anymore.

But you were asking for a solution…

The best working option for me is to use multiple providers (DSL + tethered cell phone) and a VPN provider (I use slickvpn). With a UDP VPN connection failover is moderately fast and although it isn’t 100% effective I happily report a significant reduction in spontaneous disconnects. Note you may need to contact the VPN provider and have them make a change to allow TCP port 26000.

An idea I’ve been chewing on is to use a linux router and multiple tunnels then duplicate the Eve Online TCP packet sending the copies out diverse paths but honestly I’m not so happy with the current landscape and may not be sticking around long enough to warrant the effort.

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