EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook

You get an award for stating the obvious. And no, I don’t see your issue, just noise.

So you have no issue with cheap, quick, safe, NPC transport between any two highsec systems of goods?
Just making sure I understand what you are saying.

What I am saying is, if there is a desire to reduce Jita dominance, then what makes it dominant has to be distributed or destroyed. Distribution would be more constructive.

But will cheap safe transport reduce Jita dominance or increase it since it would be trivial to get goods to Jita as an initial point of sale.

If being at anyone of the other three trade hubs were the same as being at Jita it self, why travel all the way to Jita?

Volume = availability of rarer goods. Or of the bulk you want. So buyers go to Jita.
Which means more buyers = sellers go there to move goods faster.
That’s the feedback loop that has caused Jita to keep growing, and Cheap transport does not break that loop.

And you base that assumption upon what?

I think you are right that it would only increase Jita’s dominance, given that the routes into Jita remain the most heavily ganked, yet people still take the risk to buy and sell there. (I know that some areas closer to Amarr, such as Ohide, are attracting a fair bit of predatory activity, but even then that is arguably still Jita related as it is along the “post Niarja” long arc to Jita.)

Provide a risk free option for getting stuff to and from Jita, and surely it will only boost its dominance further.

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On the assumption of basic logic?
To break the loop, surely it would need to have impact on the loop, which… it doesn’t.
I am not claiming it will increase Jita’s dominance, but I am saying it is possible since it doesn’t interfere with the basic loop which creates a single dominant market hub.

Ok, so just a rehash of what you said before. Whatevah

So… given you are claiming it would break Jita, the burden of proof is actually on you to show how this will break Jita’s dominance.
And by show I don’t mean ‘Cheap transport means all the hubs are the same’ because I’ve already addressed how the volume of Jita makes it more desirable even if all the hubs are the same price.
I mean really show.

The burden of proof is indeed upon me. However the need to prove anything to you is not.

Why not go even further?

Synchronise all markets and completely eliminate the need for transportation.

Then players could spread out to the furthest regions of New Eden and never be without the comfort of a nearby market to buy new ships or sell loot.

It would spread out all players and remove most of Jita’s dominance. What do you say?

I’d say you’re over reacting and missing the point.

there is a catastrophic lack of ice. increase the frequency of its occurrence. don’t kill small corporations

Not really…been months now and prices of derived products have increased only about 20%–if that. Groups do need to be more flexible and be sure to mine when they have the opportunity.

Can somebody pls explain to me why are prices of ice ores, fuel and moon materials skyrocketing?

Speculation on various things to do with the industry changes I’d imagine.

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yeah, i know that there is shortage of ice ore sites, but what about moon mats? fewer people are harvesting or what?

People are anticipating massively increased demand due to changes in build requirements.

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