EVE Online: Havoc - Expansion Notes

Im sure its not going to work as @Vortigern_Vitalis thinks because that would upset alot of people for no good reason


CCP must really be daft if they think High Sec players are going to continue paying and playing this game after the game mechanics for High Sec Security is removed.

What’s really messed up is there’s no mention of ability to see if a system is corrupted or not when plotting route / setting destination…

Bad way to go for changing the game… basically just nailing down the lid on the coffin. Might as well just allow Cap and Titan ships into High Sec space as well, really won’t make a difference now due to the changes in this expansion.


Giving this one a bump. Would be nice to get some feedback on this one:

If I set a up a Corp project for “Scan Signatures” in a certain system, let’s say I choose wormholes. I set it up so that the next 15 wormholes scanned get 5 million.

Pilot A logs in after downtime, scans the system, finds a wormhole with signature ABC-123, scans it down and gets their 5 million reward. They then add it to the corp bookmark folder, so others do not need to scan it anymore and logs off.

Pilot B logs in, forgets to check the bookmark folder and just starts scanning, also finding the ABC-123 signature. What happens now once they scan it down?

  • Option A: Pilot B also gets 5 million, which means the corp has now spent 10 million on the same signature, in theory you can complete the whole corp project by scanning down the same wormhole.

  • Option B: Only the first pilot from the corp that scans down a signature gets the reward, which would encourage pilots to scan down new signatures as soon as they appear and check if signatures are already known (that part is something you can explain easily to new players)

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I’d like to add:
Pilot A logs off, restarts the EVE client, logs in again, voilá the Signature ABC-123 will be ‘unscanned’ for him again. He scans it again, will he get another 5 million ISK for scanning the same signature?


Nothing dreadful. It would be interesting experience. Besides, these things are only temporary.

Nothing. But I do shift in Asteros. After all it is hard to beat astero for certain tasks.

This is essentially the point I have tried making, but just get abuse from three individuals who prefer to sneer from their lofty positions of omniscience.

Oh well, we shall see.


I am prepared for the inevitable disappointment brought on by lack of testing and forethought.



I’m confused…

Pirate Insurgencies

“Insurgencies are brand new gameplay that take part in Factional Warfare systems, however, it is possible for them to spread to include additional solar systems which are above 0.0 security and below 0.8 security.”

Is that saying 0.8 system can get corrupted? Or just those over (0.9 and 1.0) can’t get corrupted.

Then you put,

Corruption and Suppression

“Note that while insurgency content is currently the only way to raise or lower suppression, it’s possible for any system in the game to have a corruption or suppression value, and many of the effects apply outside insurgencies.”

That suggests 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 systems can get corrupted as well.

Which is it?


0.8 is not below 0.8, so those systems are safe. Or in other words: Everything from 0.1 to 0.7 can be a system the insurgency can spread to.

Did you read the next paragraph?

  • In the future, we may add new features which can raise or decrease these values in a system.

Basically what they are saying is: This is a mechanic that can happen in all systems in theory now because the code allows it, but there is currently no way for it to happen.


The vanquisher build cost change went through but not the Vendetta or Vehement for some reason. So a Vendetta costs as much to build as a Vanquisher currently.

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Corruption and suppression are attributes on all systems.

Systems .8 or above cannot become infested with an Insurrection.

In theory a system outside of an Insurrection could gain corruption or suppression, but that isn’t available yet. However, the systems do allow for it.

Just to confirm, you need to be in FW to be able to counter the insurgence ?

The movement of the Settings menu to the left isn’t great, it was much better when it was centred. Full screen is fine, but now, particularly on wider screen resolutions, there’s significant movement required to get to the menu items from where we generally interact with the game (in the centre of the screen).


Hey folks,

I submitted an in-game bug report but thought I would discuss here as well. Since the update, scanning wormholes to 100% is not progressing the AIR Career missions for Explorer. I was 1/5 on my alt prior to the update. Since then, I scanned down 4 more to 100% and I am still 1/5.

I added screenshots to the ticket.




I have to add to this…

I do a lot of escape menuing in the help chats and it totally blocks my view of what I was doing… So now I have to be ‘docked’ and safe. It just causes a minor delay in providing that assistance.

A setting for option display… window mode(?) would be nice.


New full-screen menu is absolutely horrible.
First, you’ve once again bloated up text sizes, so I’ve had to reduce them to get back to everything fitting in my windows.
Second, on double-wide monitors the new menu only occupies about 40% of the screen. All the rest is dead space.
The buttons to log out or quit are now allllll the way in the bottom left corner, meaning I have to move the mouse all the way there, then all the way back to the middle to confirm.
Your “more modern” look somehow manages to require scrolling to see all the menu items of a full-screen menu, when they used to fit within the single window.
Your “more modern” look just makes it look like a mobile game.

Just like with the “more modern” skillplan you released a while ago, it looks terrible and makes a whole list of user-interface no-nos that end up both looking worse and being less functional than the system you replaced.

Also, background music is broken if you log in to (or clonejump to) a clone docked in a nullsec structure. It plays the hisec background music, and has been doing this since the previous expansion.


Yep, we haven’t forgotten how much the new skill panel suck nor have we gotten used to it. The left part needs to become bigger and the right part (especially the top right part) needs to be shrunk down a big deal

So, I did my test, it is as expected: If you give a reward for scanning 50 signatures, there is no way to make sure you end up with 50 different ones.
You can not even check in the contributions to see who scanned which signature.