EVE ONLINE - impressum?

all I could find:

Developer(s) CCP Games
Publisher(s) Simon & Schuster
Producer(s) Andie Nordgren

In addition to being inaccurate where are Director, Designers, Programmers, Writers …
Composers ???

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Aren’t you an annoying one! :smiley:

Are you a Cam alt I’m unaware of??


It’s LSG.


Oh! Usually I’m the one who … pffffffffffffffff okay!


How did you draw the conclusion?

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He tried to repost his hidden posts in 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online.


Again personal insults and thinfoilhat theories, please could ISD remove offtopic posts?

Again here is my questions: where is Eve Online Impressum ???

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Why do you need to know? :blush:

It is sad and weird at the same time. He nerd-rages because CCP will not (yet?) turn EVE into his PvE fantasy paradise, but he also cannot take a step back and find some other game to enjoy. I worry about people with that low level of emotional maturity, sounds like a good moment to link https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Broadcast_4_Reps


He’s not being depressive, though. He’s a sociopath.

What made me aware of this, is how they can’t handle people who best them. It makes them furious. They must have suffered from serious oppression and powerlessness in the past, turning them into this in their online lives. They’re not much better IRL, but IRL they can’t behave like this at all. That’s why I’m assuming they’re from the US … and the chances that I’m right are pretty high.

If you know the stereotypical, religious US hypocrite who sees himself as good, but is actually a horrible person, then you know a lot about people like LSG. The people in the US are being raised into nationalistic, hating fascists who have to obey authority in form of the state or the church, which leads to them being horrible hypocrites and passive aggressive assholes, because that’s the only real outlet most of them have.

It’s literally 1984 over there, when it comes to the people.
The rest will fall into place eventually.

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