Eve online is a joke

Eve online is not fun anymore I am quitting it the petty tries to make it playable is a joke so if anyone wants a char with 28mil sp and 3 billion worth for free just comment picking one randomly after work


sure i can unsubscribe that too then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry man, I’m having a tough time dealing with this back-and-forth insanity developers keep injecting in this game too.

Unsub, keep the toon, give it time. It took me close to 10 years to come back. I’m glad to have kept this toon in the meantime, even if I did come back and go “wtf” with my SP allocation.

Yeah but in these times this new price increase I think will hurt them don’t play atm my pc blew up 6months ago so I froze my accounts now like I said I’m not paying $20 per account not even for 1 character!

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Fair enough. I guess count me in for the raffle, then.

Sure ill take your stuff :grinning::+1:

Thanks for the free character and isk, I really appreciate it and will put it to good use to help me afford EvE in these expensive times - thank you!!!

Only only the R3DROGUE and the Scarlet Palace can properly manage your abandoned character and funds.

Happy cake day.

Oh op pick me. I need another alt to use to raise standings for others

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sigh…eve offline is coming…lemme take care of ur stuff tho

I don’t see the problem really, other than SJW levels of crying. Stuff changes, stuff gets more expensive just like everything else.


I’ll take your stuff off your hands for you. Worry not, for it shall explode gloriously.

Thinking of doing the same thing

Smartest post in the forum today. If something is not fun, then don’t do it. But make sure you tell anyone that will listen that you are doing it.

I hope you did a TikTok, as well as an FB story, Instagram pics of you burning your hard drive and tweets so you got the maximum mileage out of your rage.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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