Eve Online locks up. Error message that -Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware

This is specific to Intel HD Graphics. In my case a PC with an Intel Xeon i3-1275 processor running Windows 10 using the Intel HD Graphics driver. The Eve Launcher would start Eve Online and be working for a short period. There would be an error message stating that the application had been blocked or denied access to the graphics hardware. Eve Online would be locked up and unresponsive at this point. All other applications on the PC were not impacted.

The PC was configured with:
Intel Xeon i3-1275
AMD RX570 Graphics card with 1GB
Intel HD Graphics with 2GB
Windows 10 Pro
Dual monitors (one on the Intel HD Graphics and the other on the AMD card).

Eve Online minimum spec includes “Dedicated video RAM 256MBytes”

Intel FAQ:
Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Graphics Memory on Windows® 10
Buried in the FAQ is this note:-
By default, the Intel graphics driver will report 128 MB of fictitious Dedicated Video Memory for compatibility with applications that don’t correctly comprehend a fully unified memory architecture. See Dedicated Memory Reporting for more information.

Notice the problem Intel HD Graphics has 2GBytes of memory but Intel states the driver will report 128 MB of fictitious Dedicated Video Memory. Catch is Eve Online has a minimum requirement of 256MB and locks up. This note provides a link to an Intel release note.

An Intel Release Note:-
Driver Release Note dated June 2, 2015
Dedicated Memory Reporting
The graphics driver now reports some amount of fictitious “dedicated” graphics memory to the operating system (128MB by default) to work around application issues in a number of games. These games incorrectly look for some amount of “dedicated” graphics memory because they weren’t coded with the unified memory architecture for processor graphics.
The amount reported can be modified or disabled if desired by changing the following registry value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Intel\GMM, crreate a REG_DWORD value named “DedicatedSegmentSize”. The value is interpreted as a number o MB to report (0-512MB). A value of 0 disables reporting the dummy memory segment. If the registry key/value is not found, the driver will report the default 12MB.

A few issues to point out:-

  1. This is hacking your registry and dangerous. If you don’t already know how this is done then get somebody who knows to do this work. You have been warned…
  2. On my system GMM did not exist, so don’t be surprised if you have to create.
  3. The current 2019 driver release note does not discuss “Dedicated memory Reporting”. When I submitted an Eve Online support ticket with log I was told the Intel Graphics driver was reporting 0MB memory and not 128MB. What is important is the error message and application lock up.
  4. The registry hack is still supported by the current HD Driver but Intel in their wisdom could drop this support at any time.
  5. This workaround helped my situation but may not work for you i.e. no guarantees, your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps.


I was suggested to upgrade your BIOS to a more compatible version, I am not going to read the rest.
It is a known error code issue.

Unfortunately a BIOS upgrade or changing a BIOS settings will not fix this problem. At the present time the only fix is to change the Intel HD Graphics driver configuration with a registry hack.

It is a driver problem that the Eve Online developers need to permanently fix. This is going to impact more players in the future.

There is a related problem where the BIOS is mis-configured to allocate insufficient memory to the graphics engine.


Do you mean that EVE Online’s system has a problem as well?

It’s funny the hardware store that closed down near my place had a similar problem on all their systems BIOS ,
which caused them to be unable to fix video cards on their system,
which was really ridiculous.

The Eve Online application shuts down because it performs a check for the size of ‘dedicated’ memory and the Intel Driver returns the wrong value. There is nothing wrong with the computer hardware or BIOS, it is an Intel driver software problem.

It would be simple for Intel to fix the driver. This problem has been there for many years so I doubt Intel are going to fix their driver now.

Right, that is nothing wrong with the computer hardware or BIOS on the EVE Online server end.
However, my hardware refuses to accept a video card in it’s slot to function and boot properly and kills the display from functioning, or the computer to boot at all, due to that BIOS and/or Hardware and/or OS issue, and/or both Hardware/Software and BIOS issues simultaneously.

That specific EVE Online application shut down shows up in 2 forms.
The first, which you describe is the hard crash to the desktop, and the client closes, or it prompts the user to cancel the program due to a memory allocation problem, or some other memory logistic problems.
(Hence, the size of the ‘dedicated’ memory, or, virtual memory on the hard disk, or, whatever that ‘dedicated’ memory just does so happen to be, when and how it does happen.)

The Intel Driver returns the wrong value, is also part of the 2nd part of the 2nd shot down symptom, which, instead of closing the game client automatically, still keeps the game playing, but shuts down the display for anything yp to 1 minute or over.
That is when EVE Online introduced the new gate effect with the 1 minute gate timer, which allowed for some leeway when changing systems.
However, on my specific end, hardware related conditions, the problems were multiple and all related.

As for Intel fixing their driver, I did change the Intel drivers on my end, and ran the tests on each and one of them, and it didn’t fix the problem again for additional and directly related multiple reasons, which added to the study costs and expenditure of study costs and resources, including time and effort to analyze the system.

It of course didn’t fix any of the hardware configuration, which number no less than 4 or 5, since I did not only buy and test multiple systems, but I also invested in them since it was less costly and more cost-effective to have multiple system operational, despite each of them having similar problems which varied depending on certain factors, which factors variation I was actually testing to arrive at more exact numerical values as to the specific numbers of problems and effect from the results attributed to each and their overall functioning, without blasting any of those systems beyond recognition.

why would you use the integrated graphics of Intel chipset to play stuff? Thats weird and stupid.

The PC had multiple monitors with an AMD RX570 card for Eve Online plus one monitor that was connected to the ASUS motherboard video. The motherboard used the Intel Xeon i3-1275 processor with the Intel driver.

I don’t think I would play with you if I had to do that .
What would be the point, not in including all the other delays for my engagement in marriage to be completed already, and having to get another citizenship to solve the problems created, and the intended delays attempted to be attributed to me?
I can’t possibly subject my family to this kind of psychological warfare and abuse, even if I do have to get a bachelor degree in psychology for it, and/or in relation to it.

Besides, Intel chips are already designed by military and it’s the same reason Microsoft was convicted of monopoly with their current sanction which forces them to accept military to enter their facility.

I know that for a fact since I worked on it and still store data related to it for $500 per months, at $6,000 per years, which costs I am working on reducing.
And yes, I will be on another continent by the time the cost is reduced, or before.

I prefer to keep my game time more productive without lacking the integration of the said interference, which, I am not supposed to be causing, by the way, even if others try to make me be interfering, while I am not supposed to be.
I have to make sure that my systems don’t interfere even though they may receive interference.
It doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t record interference, or, that it should be held responsible for delays , which it is not actually the one doing it (causing delays with interference, including delays to finance and accuracy of accounting, or economic boycott).

I understood none of this.

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It looks like the intention is causing the same problem (of lack of understanding, and, well, knowledge).
(It is also not put in practice when needed to fix the problem.)

The program doesn’t function with the hardware, and the solution is complicated.

I don’t have the same problem but I have different problems.

Sure the video driver from Intel causes the screen to go black, however, it doesn’t close the client, except sometimes, but not 50% of the time, or not 97% of the time.
I had another BIOS problem or related problem which caused the hardware to refuse to accept a video card at all.
Of course, laptops already had a video card integrated in it, and, eventually, the laptop quality degraded as well, after the 3rd and 4th laptop now.

I really would rather deal with European hardware to compare.

A permanent fix may have have made to the EVE Online client. I have not tested this patch to confirm it has addressed my reported issue with Intel Integrated Graphics.

Defect Fixes:
Removed code that was causing crashes on a small number of integrated graphics devices when starting the client in DirectX 11 mode.

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Yes, I have a more isolated and marginal problem and the solutions from it and diagnosed from it, and analyzed from it, formulated from it, and that I am working on are a more peculiar IP case than other systems.
Move along.

I also use it for work, contrary and if not in direct conflicts with others, since it attacks my business.

I’m also in courts for this for the last 7 years, since March 2012, a few months before I logged in to EVE Online for the first time and created my first pod-pilot character.
This is following other cases as early as April 13, 1983 , which is around when Microsoft was starting , with IBM, and was already being used in courts for court cases, following this to April 29, 1993 and so on…

So, 100% of my adult life , yes, and even 9 to 8% on top of it, before.

I’ve been happily using with Intel Integrated Graphics hardware for many weeks without any issues. The patch has fixed my issues, case closed.

There are 2 more errors on my end however, firstly, the hardware processor it overheated and shuts down with auto-reboot 4 times in 25 minutes, due to old age.
Secondly, the Intel Integrated Graphic Driver icon which used to be in the Taskbar is not completely gone, and it is also no longer accessible from the Customize Taskbar option command.

Furthermore, I did not log back in to the EVE Online client, so, I did not have any occurrence of this program behavior happening anyways.

Additionally, I am in courts due to some military problems in relation to this.
Apparently, none of the OS license, Software license and hardware can fix it in those conditions.

Murphy’s Seventh Law : Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. … Murphy’s Thirteenth Law : Every solution breeds new problems . Murphy’s Fourteenth Law : If anything can’t go wrong on its own, someone will make it go wrong. If Murphy’s Law can go wrong, it will.

Since getting a new rig I am now experiencing the same problem when I stat up a third client , a notification pops up application blocked from using graphic hardware and I cant do anything on the client and just freezes , is there a fix for this ?

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Am constantly having this issue on an AMD GPU. Apparently it’s not exclusive to Intel IGPs at all.

In my case the process was:

Eve Online dies with an error message
submit bug report
asked to provide a log file
submit log file with explanation of what triggered the error message/crash
told my video card is out of memory. It was suggested I buy another video card.
Explained I had multiple monitors with a capable video card but it was the motherboard video that was the problem.
Think at this point there may have been a suggestion to buy a new motherboard.
So information learnt was Intel video was generating out of memory errors when it had ample memory.
I knew that Intel had release notes for this video so started with current Intel release note and there was nothing useful.
Read earlier Intel release notes. Eventually came across comment that Intel video defaulted to 128M to support games.
Checked Eve Online specs and it required 256M minimum.
Fully documented my findings on original bug report.
Silence, and then more silence from CCP.
When looking through the fine print of a monthly Eve Online change/upgrade there was a cryptic note that a fix related to a small number of motherboards was being introduced.
Checked system and my problem had been quietly fixed.
Never any advice from CCP that they were working on my problem or how many other people were impacted.

If you can fix your own problem then you stand a good chance of getting CCP to look at your fix. Most of the advice I received was useless. What was critical was the feedback that the crash was caused by an out of memory issue. Given that it was impossible for the video to be out of memory that was a really good clue that it was Eve Online code that was at fault. This Eve Online code would not have been a problem if Intel had used a larger default.

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