EVE online managers like politicians living on another planet?

Hello, I’m the only one who doesn’t understand why ccp doesn’t do anything about purchasing power?

Their ESS system is well on the plant confrontation …
Most of the system are in negative … have ticks at 3-4m …
When your ships cost 300m?

How do you want us to go up this one if we don’t have any battle…

The price of the ships is getting mega high…
You think when they release a new version of their games.
They test it before releasing it?
Or are the EVE online managers like politicians living on another planet?

CCP does not control prices of ships/mods in a PLAYER driven market… Sure when they mess with mods/ships or stats of items it messes with the game, or when they make certain items more rare than others… supply demand… so you’ll see prices go up on ships when its harder to produce said ships.

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I don’t know anything about how politicians on other planets behave.


hey @Brisc_Rubal do you know what politicians are like on other planets?

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This is an excellent question, but I think it may need a bit of refining.

Are these human politicians living on another planet that has lost contact with how humans behave and act here on Earth, or are they politicians of a truly alien species?

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Have you tried not turtle shelling and turbo crabbing behind a null blob? There is plenty of fertile ratting opertunity in null.

Go buy a key and Rob some ESS, they’ve got tn’s in 'em.

Same as the ones here. We’re all the same everywhere.


The lizard folk are the same every planet. :wink:



What is the name of this famous key?
In which section can I find them in jita?

Contracts, they are not market seeded.

name item ? key ?


God knows why they are not market trade-able so dumb,

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