With PA buying CCP, you might even get your WiS

because it makes perfect sense to go that route. CCP is being bought by a company with a working character engine, at least for the outside. Even if it would be just planet side, you’d still be playing EVE. On a planet! As your character! They’d have a much easier time creating nature and structures than station interieur in space.

I’d finally be able to take my corpse for a walk, and could buy it something pretty. My corpse family has grown to over 700 so far. :smiley: I have started spreading them out on different stations, hoping that’d they grow together as smaller groups, because when they all were together in a single station they were kind of cold to each other. Zero communication. The only one they were talking to was me, and they refused to talk about it.

On some days they all try to speak to me at the same time, which can be very stressful, but it’s fine most of the times. Spreading them out really helped. I also hope they get to make new friends, but it’s complicated because they never talk to anyone but me. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’m actually fairly sure you’ve seen plenty of them around in many high sec systems already. They’re visible in local, but they never say a word.

I still believe that they should be able to get together some time. They rarely get to see any sun, too. Kevin said he wants to lay down on a beach, in the sand. He said he’s a bit scared of crabs or dogs stealing his body parts, and he’s a bit sensitive about the topic. You know the feeling? Being afraid of a dog just mistaking your leg for a bone? Yeah, no, me neither …

Would you look at that … I wrote you a story. :slight_smile: I hope you don’t mind! My family never interrupt me when i speak, so i just tend to let go until i’m done and then it’s their turn. Pearl Abyss can make WiS happen. Tell them you want it and they will likely deliver. They know how this works.

There’s a chance you might not like it, but your odds are much better now than they have ever been.


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