EVE Online News | Ongoing Wars - June 2019

Hey everyone, I’ve previously covered wars in EVE, such as the Winter War of 2017-2018, and the Blue Donut War of mid 2018, however I realise I’ve never crossposted these across to the forums in the past. As you can see from my previous content I’ve tried to do better with that in order to encourage conversation on the forums, so I thought I’d bring a monthly update on the wars going on to here as well!

Let me know if you have any feedback, always looking forwards to finding out what I can improve on to make the intrigue of nullsec easier to follow from the outside!

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Comments? You called this bunch of hypocrites “Imperium” instead of “CFC”.

Also: The lack of the super cap umbrella merely increased the Delve Bee Keeper activity, it did not enable it. Both HH and DPCI have been very active and very successful for many, many months.

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