Eve Online Official Secret Santa thread!

(Cato White) #126

If @Bougyo has not accepted his contract i would delte it tbh, he was an account created to poist that one post and did not respect the threads rules, did not send a gift to the poster above him (myself)

Not trying to be petty, happy to have been able to make someone else happy(I hope) with the gift I gave, but thats just wrong

(Nep-Neps) #127

Looking for a golem

(Der rosarote Panter) #128

in a few hours you will have one

I want a Panther, as I want to drop on some botters :slight_smile:

(Tyrion Bloomberg) #129

Sorry, just to clarify, would I receive my gift from @Cato_White or @Nep-Neps as I haven’t recieve one from either one yet.

(rhjaguilhuilagilHRIEUGHA) #130

still did not receive the Golem yet…

(thuu9pw8t8) #132

gift is up

still did not receive anything from @Covernent_Alpha

(AMK Fighter Krumanji) #133

Hello everyone, I wish a Drekavac


(Cato White) #134

Ignore this post

Not me, i gave a gift earlier in the thread, i should have clarified twice I guess in most reply. I was just just calling out the dude who didnt follow the rules

(Hilaryy Kouvo) #135

Greetings Secret Santa,

This year I did my best to play nice. Now that Christmas is about, I would really wish for a nidhoggur to drop unsuspecting small gangs

Much love xxx

(The Lob) #136

I still did not receive anything. Wish is a Widow

(Kalldaar) #137

A paladin would be really nice :slight_smile:

(Solonius Rex) #138

What is it with you guys and Paladins. Thats the fourth one.

Go for Golems, better at PVE man.

(kain cannon) #139

Im in! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas dudes

(Mustike Oschtschocha) #140

You get something nice
I‘d like a Nightmare

(Higgins Field) #141

Something like a gila would be great or even a worm just trying to either start abyssal sites or use the worm for the new frigate ones either ship would be great and i would be very thankful im kinda broke😅 anything helps.

(Mustike Oschtschocha) #142

your gift has just been contracted
I’d lika a Nightmare

(Ha Chee) #143

@Higgins_Field Your gift will be contracted tomorrow evening, since I’m unable to log into EVE earlier. I’ll send a mail along with some tips on Abyssals, and I’ll add some filaments to get you started.
Edit: Contract is up; mail with some tips will come later! Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’d really like a Golem or Rattle to improve my mission runner! I hope i behaved good enough last year :wink:

(CXS AASSC) #144

@Ha_Chee I have a Rattle for you! It will be contracted later

I would love to have a Paladin and/or a Kronos for pvp.

(Kalldaar) #145

Caldari Ships are trash… just saying :rofl:

(Hilary Kouvo) #146

Still looking for a shiny solo battleship…