Eve online Second decade anniversary edition mint

I’ll pay 2.01 isk

Just the golden pod is worth about 5-6 billion, and translating that into PLEX, that’s roughly $70. Plus all the other stuff…

Ok, I go up a bit, 20 isk?

golden pod is op , i have one
didn’t know it came in the collector edition i got mine gambling
i colect games, i don’t even try to sell my old pc ones, not much valor
maybe some day people are starting to collect ps1 and stuff
the ship usb thing is nice …but is minmatar … a shame

If I may hold my lady’s hand for 20 seconds, I will be the one to pay for the box to be taken off my hands.

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Behind-the-scenes look at the EVE Second Decade box negotiations in progress between Aiko and me:

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totes legit

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