EVE Online to go native on macOS!

I spent a few hours playing with the native client on my M1 mbp… very stable…

can’t wait to see additional improvements and stablity( if required) to come soon to replace the wine client.

Understandably, the wine client on M1 doesnt let you play with a full screen on a secondary/third monitor under emulation, but i tried this with the M1 and i had no problems, also being able to use the much higher resolutions was quite good ( i had to rack it back on my 24" Samsung ) as i couldn’t read the text ! :smiley:

Great work CPP devs and the DevOps/SRE’s in the background making all this happen… Chapeau.

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I’ll second that. Even in its current unfinished state I’ll take the native Mac client over WINE. :sunglasses:

I’ve had a lot of messages about people offering to test it on TQ :grinning:. I really appreciate the enthusiasm that the community has shown around the Native Mac Client. The feedback has been incredibly valuable and has helped us make it a reality. Not only that, but the feedback has been really constructive :+1: Thanks to everyone who has joined any of the tests.

As for being optional on TQ: The current code for the Native Mac Client is separate from the main EVE codebase. This means we can’t just make the client available for TQ in any form, as they are fundamentally incompatible. It’s a purely technical limitation at this stage.

However, we have been working towards bringing the 2 code bases together recently. This will give us a lot more flexibility with where the new client can be deployed and tested next.

The results from this playtest were promising. Once we had deployed our first fix, we saw very good client stability. The vast majority of reports we had would not stop people from playing the game, and even with those issues present, gave a better experience than the current Wine client.
There were some serious ones for sure, which we’re trying to replicate right now. We want the transition to be as sooth as possible for everyone :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there isn’t much I can say about release dates, as we have not set any yet. As for estimates: I don’t want to get hopes up, only for us to find something which will take additional time to fix.

At some point in the future, the code bases for the Windows and Mac clients will be from the same branch and we can deploy again to Sisi. This will then give us the confidence of if we can ship in that release, or if we need to hold it back.

I know that the current Wine client isn’t great ( :sweat_smile: ) on M1 and that the Native Mac Client is a huge step up from it. As a M1 user myself, I want this on TQ. We will get there :slight_smile:


2019 MBP16, 2.4 i9 / 64 GB / 5600M. Tested the new client, saw FPS seemingly hard capped @ 60. Switched to Bootcamp in W10 and getting over 95 w/all graphics @ max. Will stick w/Windows for now.

I find this announcement and effort odd considering the reasoning behind dumping the native client for Mac the first time and switching to the WINE-based nonsense that’s been plaguing us ever since. Reasoning then was the extra difficulty in debugging of client issues on two different architectures, but now it’s opposite? And that was during the game’s peak around 2008, IIRC. Looking up market share %s from then, Mac has less now.

Is this because of a push from the Korean overlords or something else I’m not understanding?

When did you test the new native client? It has only been available twice for limited time periods. There is not currently an active test for the new native client.

During the last testing availability window on Sisi. Sorry if it sounded like I tried it yesterday.

Did you get 95 fps on an external monitor? Because if not, there might be an issue there, as the MBP16 display (which I have) can go to max 60Hz. I get capped out at 60fps on both the mac playtest and running it on bootcamp (as I usually do)

Hi all.

Today we launched the Native Client for both Intel and M1 based macOS systems for Tranquility :tada:

A huge thank you to everyone who joined the test server, masstests and gave feedback.

This is the first non-Windows client we have worked on, so feedback is welcome as always.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am doing a clean install right now and, if everything works well, I will remove the windows partition I had only to play EVE!

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YES!!! Thank you CCP! :slight_smile:

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Amazing!!! Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just brilliant!

Thank you, great work

Came back to EVE after a ten year hiatus because of this. I was frankly skeptical, but the new client is absolutely amazing. It runs in the background on this six year old iMac without so much as fan noise and is buttery smooth in the foreground. I have no idea how much of this to attribute to the new client vs. ten years of evolution, but color me impressed.

Now, does anyone have a brief summary of the last decade in EVE? :slight_smile:

a lot of ships blew up and people said EVE was dying… welcome back!

So … roughly what was happening before I left.

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Consider yourself a n00b again :wink: So much changed. You will feel home at most occasions but not always. And these not-always-moments can hurt (a bit).

Just ask corp mates or in the help channels about something you actually want to try (and less broad than what-changed-in-the-last-decade) and you will enjoy the game again

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A variety of wars between alliances. Creation of coalitions of alliances. Periodic fighting between coalitions. Growing of a super power. Arrival of a wealth of players from Serenity server. 9 month war in the southeast. 1 year war coalitions vs the super power.

“Eve Online to go native”… naked eve… gah, muh eyez!

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