EVE online turrets simulator

Because CCP in their infinite stupidity changed something, using the number 40000 as some sort of bar to measure every ship on, which resulted in a different number being shown on the overview.

They said it’s to make it easier understandable, but they pretty much sucked at understanding what they’re doing, just like when they removed the colours from the neocom.

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new design :grinning:

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This is pretty cool. Not sure it has a great use case. But it’s fun to play with. Good job


I can confirm speed of the target ship, is accurate. That’s mean one lap on the simulator is equal to one lap in game. I have tested it my self. Still not sure about the rest, but seems ok.

Thanks, this is nice and intuitive to use. Can the website list the angular velocity that’d be shown in-game?

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Not quite.

Yeh I think it’s a nice idea.

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Explain it then, please.

Small problem, trig turrets with 0 falloff get a null result, even with optimal range pass target distance and tracking speed faster the targets velocity.

can you post a screenshot please?

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