Simulation different from Actual - Tracking

I outfitted my Executioner for fast tracking with high tracking turrets, targeting computer and script. In the simulation the tracking shows as 442, but in the actual it shows 295? Which is correct? Thanks

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In simulation it counts active modules’ bonuses, in normal it doesn’t.


So, I should use the simulation numbers when using the tracking calculator to figure out what my actual hit chances are. Thanks

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Undock somewhere reasonably safe, open the fitting tool and turn on your active modules - it should match the simulator. It’s easier to work in Pyfa when developing fits.


If you activate the tracking module, it should update.

Otherwise, it will show the base stat.


You don’t have to undock.

Simply start up the in game fitting tool, turn on your weapons, move mosue over them, the tooltip that pops up gives you tracking and range info, turn on your tracking computer, move mouse over the weapon, note the difference.

You can also try various ammo types, etc. You do not need any external tools for this.

The things that external tools such as PYFA are good for is implants, boosters, EHP/s vs HP/s comparisons, and exported characters so you don’t have to be in the actual game trying a fit on the actual character. Oh and PYFA presents cap efficiency weird. The ingame tool is far superior to check HP/s per cap then PYFA. In addition it defaults to EHP/s instead of HP/s which confuses the ■■■■ out of a lot of people.



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