EVE online turrets simulator

Hi all. Please see link below. It is a turrets simulator. Tell me what do you think about it.


Perhaps, allow deep link to a particular set of configuration values? (via query string)


whats this for?

So… it’s not even loading a page for me. So I guess good job tricking me into giving you my IP, or whatever?

Why would you bother making a Turret tracking simulator, when we can do the same thing with Pyfa?

is there a practical use for that? i mean when im spiralling in to tackle something im unlikely to pull up anything like that; but i would hate to be missing out on something tbvh.

try now, i was updating the website, sorry.

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If you’re literally in combat, you shouldn’t be Alt Tabbing to go look up stats anyway. You should be learning what maneuvers you need to perform first, before the fight. Like when you’re using Pyfa to design the ship, and using the Graphs to see how your DPS is affected by transversal and such.

When you’re actively in combat, is not the time to be looking up charts on a website. If you think it’s not working, then adjust your orbit or something. Don’t pull up some calculator site and try to run the numbers. I’ll guarantee the numbers in game are more accurate.

so thats a no then?

Of course not, you should do that before, isn’t that clear? And that’s why I have build that simulator.

That’s why i came with it on forum, people can test it and confirm if is ok or not.

Do you fully understand what simulation is? In the simulation I have used same formula, what game engine using, so the simulation is very close to game environment, unless I did some mistake in the formula. Main idea is to give players visualisation of how things are related.


Which is why I said someone interested in simulating numbers out of combat and out of game, could just use the functions built into programs like Pyfa. Rather than going into Pyfa, looking up their stats, and then copying those stats over to your website to run the numbers. They can tell Pyfa to run the numbers directly, based on the stats they’re actively editing in Pyfa at the time.

You’re cherry picking part of a single sentence out of context. I wasn’t saying “if your website isn’t working”. I was saying if someone uses a simulation to try and calculate how a PvP match should turn out, and then they realize they aren’t doing as well in the heat of battle, they shouldn’t try and rush back to the website to recalculate. They should adjust tactics and finish the fight.

It is impossible for you to reflect every variable the game has to offer in an outside program of any kind. You can plug in speed, angle, sig radius, all that stuff. And it will tell you DPS for that frozen moment in time. But your opponent could speed up or slow down, turn an extra shield mod on or off, or do any number of things that would alter the flow of battle. And again, it wouldn’t make sense for someone to rush back to your website to recalculate.


I wasn’t criticizing your website. I’m not saying you did anything wrong. But there are other tools that do the same thing. Tools that are already integrated with fitting programs, rather than needing to open the fitting program and then come use your website. For someone to use your site, they need to know their skills and their weapon stats and all that jazz. Which is already accessible in Pyfa, along with the ability to calculate and visualize.

Basically, you’re reinventing the wheel. =)

Hey, nice, but are you sure this is working correctly?

I should be hitting that triangle!

Don’t let anyone talk you down. Reinventing the wheel is perfectly fine and a great idea, because it helps learning and creating your own things! Something the others aren’t!
â– â– â– â–  these consumers! :smiley:

Keep up the good work, mate! :smiley:


I’m not sure if this simulator works fine. I need your help to test it. I’m not sure if I used the equation correctly.


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I did some corrections. I think, now should be ok :grinning:

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Okay, results are looking better now.

Could you please assign the [ENTER] key to your Enter button?
It’s natural to just hit enter after entering something!


Oh and where do these 14.5 in your code come from?

Just wanted to give you a shout out to thank you for putting this together. Tracking and angular velocity is something that I see a lot of new players asking about, and having a visualization to help them understand it more effectively along side the math and other mechanics is handy.

Cheers, man.


Hold on.


Fractions are solved one row at a time.
You first do the math for the top,
then do the math for the bottom
and then divide the results.

Your code takes the top and bottom left, divides, then the top and bottom right and divides those.

It should be:

(Angular Velocity * Signature Resolution) / (Tracking 2 * Signature Radius)


ok, I’m on it.

it’s just to scale HTML element to kilometers, I can explain more, if you interested, but nothing to do with the equation.

ok, updated.

can you tell me, why this two equation looks different?

source: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics

source: https://wiki.agony-unleashed.com/index.php/Tracking


/me blinks


But yeh i wasnt attempting to put you down or owt, when i asked if it was useful to me i was literally asking just that; perhaps may look bad but sometimes that can be an unwanted side effect of a perfectly normal question.

keep creating!