Missiles, Drones and Fittings - QOL

Missiles: Implement a tool tip for weapon racks in space that display missile speed, explosion velocity and explosion radius. Similar to how turrets have tracking speed. This provides more information to the user, especially when dealing with bonused hulls. Otherwise the only way to get the information is through personal math, Pytha or selecting a cargo bay missile in simulation. Readability allows for more informed decisions / game play understanding.

Fitting / Button Layout: Expand the simulation to allow players to designate button layout of the fit. IE: If I was guns or point on F1 - when I autofit the ship those buttons will be applied to that button. In many cases players have to re-organize their buttons after fitting a new ship, if they take the time to set them in simulation they should be able to have it done automatically.

Also allow drone groups to be set in the simulation tab that are also saved. IE: Acolytes, ECM drones, Mixed drones, etc.

Drones: Allow drone groups to be placed on the action keys (F1, F2, etc.) - clicking these drones will cause them to deploy, clicking again will recall them and have them re-enter the bay. Implement an automatic restriction of say 3-5 seconds on spamming this button.

Then add an ‘engage target’ drone button. This will make your drones engage the selected target, if clicked again they will disengage and return to orbit your ship.

I understand that there are hotkeys for drones and I am not in favor of removing those hotkeys. However, I see no reason why they should not be implemented into the regular lay out of actions. This increases the intuitive nature of commanding the ship, reduces clicks and increases skill / while lowering barriers.

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You can assign hot keys for all of these actions.

In regards to Hotkeys, I’m referring to draggable GUI items. There may be reasons you want to be able to easily drag and drop the buttons around.

There is also no hotkey button for drone groups. I’m referring to when you group say acolytes together, hornets, or whatever other mix. By putting these on the GUI or allowing it on the GUI people can move it when necessary and more quickly interchange groups of drones.

that would be to easy for all afk drone boats ! yes i would like this but dont make the afk game easier then its alreads is !

evrythig else :

btw …

yeah … maybe … but … idk … i never though “oh man if i now could see how my explosion velocity is then i could pick my target easier” … missiles hit everything ! and by tracking its easy to see if you can hit or not ! its only the velocity of your enemy ! thats a fact you can see … the signature radus of your enemy you cant see ! maybe you can though about how small it could be …

Doesnt hovering over the launcher when equipped display the info you need?

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^ lol.

dont think so, im sure there is only the dps the dmg type and the range.
cant say it for sure i dont have a missile ship rdy where i am xD

For Turrets it will show Damage, split by types, optimal, falloff and tracking speed. I think it also includes capacitor draw as well.

Missile Launchers are different though - they only show flight range and dps / alpha damage type. On a basic level this works - but it ignores Explosion Radius and Explosion Velocity. These effects can be altered by your hull, modules and missile type. If it showed these stats it would allow pilots to make more informed decisions as to whether they should change to precision missiles, faction missiles or anti-ship missiles.

Reason I disagree with this is because for many ships drones are the primary weapon type for some ships. It is strange that we have a completely separate hotkey options and forced clicking (in regards to drone groups) comparative to all other weapon systems in the game. Part of this goal is to homogenize or open up different input variants.

On a selfish level, I also multi box. Being able to press F1 to call and recall drones and then F2 to launch a different set of drones allows me to micro my drone boats with less clicking.

It starts to exemplify the difference between the Caracal and Caracal Navy Issue or the Raven vs the Raven Navy Issue. If you are able to eye ball generally the difference between Precision, Faction or Rage you can make a more informed decision. For example if you are fighting a small target in a regular caracal you might opt for precision, but because the Caracal Navy has an explosion velocity bonus, you might opt to change to faction instead. Its strange to me that this information was never included in the tooltip when they implemented them.

exactly ! its to easy ! you can set your favorite drone set and can do this with them but only with them ! its to easy to use drone boats !
and btw … its not that hard to drag and drop your drones out of your drone window xD
if you rightklick → launch → rightklick → attack → righklick → come back then you have done to many steps ! you can have this way easier with hotkeys !

thats knowledge you should have ! the same with weapons … you dont watch infight how is your tracking ! you know which ammo is the right one that you have the most DPS !

you know that you hit smaller targets way harder with big guns then with small guns ! the same with missiles ! BS missiles hit way worse to smaller targets then medium weapons !

To expand a bit further on this as an example. In the simulation menu I’ve selected a caracal and a caracal navy issue. If I put a missile into the launcher, there is no readability to how the stats are adjusted by that ship hull or other factors.

If I look at the missiles in the cargo, they are also not adjusted to reflect the difference.

The simulation tool does not give you data on the hull bonus, or on a guidance. Because of this you are required to do hand math or use Pytha to get a correct calculation. These bonuses make a substantial difference to application and should be reflected in the tooltip as well as simulation for theory crafting.

For myself, I generally know how to use my missiles on my ship to punch up or punch down. But by having this information listed it engrains it in your mind if you use a ship repetitively that has bonuses to this. Similar to how I can see the difference in tracking value on Turrets and use that for angular velocities.

try to fit a launcher and the missiles and then take a look on your stats ! you will see they are changing color to green and show you other numbers !

it doesnt work with an empty hull ! you need to fit it !

This is what it looks like with a launcher selected. No stats for explosion radius or velocity.

maybe you should take a look to the missile and not to the launcher ? oO

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So I did it it from the cargo hold, once without clicking simulation - no changes. On changing simulation it does show a change to the velocity, radius and other modified parameters. Unsure why it is inconsistent and doesn’t just automatically show the information in the above examples.

Nonetheless, I still do standby the suggestion that these stats need to be on the tooltip when in space. Allows for better informed decision making. I will generally know the stats off the top of my head, but if for example someone is going 4000m/s away from me and my tooltip shows 3000 m/s - then I can make the informed decision not to shoot at all. etc.

doesnt work … fit it into the launcher of the simulated weapon … you can see the differenz -.- dude … its not that hard

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I did do that, and I showed you that. But I’m explaining that it isn’t consistent among the UI’s. I’m not trying to fight with you. What I am doing it pointing out that the system itself is inconsistent with how it conveys information through the fitting menu. As well as the fact that for information that is readable mid fight, it should be available on the flat tool tip.

Situation one: I open the fitting menu and select the cargo hold and the missile in my fitted ships cargo. There is no stat adjustments.

Situation two: I select the fitting menu, click simulate and then repeat step one. Now stat adjustments are put in place.

Situation three: You select the launcher group on either simulation or fitting; it only gives you the launcher values and not the ammo values adjusted.

Situation four: My ship is undocked, I look at the ammo in my hold and look at info, the values are not adjusted to the ship i’m flying.

All of these above situations should show the same adjusted green values.

Can you tell me why it would be incorrect for CCP to implement the explosion velocity, missile speed and explosion size stats onto the regular F1 tool tip, let alone the hover tooltip menu of the launcher group? I’m fine if you disagree and won’t press it further as I don’t want to keep bumping. But I don’t think you are engaging with what I’m saying. It is about the accessibility and consistency of data; not about whether or not I can find it in a more finicky way.

Why are you selecting from the cargo hold and not the fitted missile itself?

youve done it … switch ammo and you see the stats of the different ammo -.- dude … how lern resistant can you be ?

and yes, the in game fitting tool isnt the best ! thats why pyfa is still existing !

Your not engaging with what I’m saying. I know how to do this.

The simple point is that the simulation tool should be improved. As well as readable data on your in space tool tip. What you are arguing with me is that CCP should not improve the tool to replace Pyfa in regards to basic ingame values or improve readability of the tooltips while in space. I don’t get why this is hard to understand what I’m proposing.

If you are in game, fit a missile ship and then simulate it. If you right click the missiles nodes when loaded, it will not feed you the missile data. It will only give you the ROF data of the launcher. If you hover the launchers it will only give you the data for alpha, damage type and range.

To obtain the other adjusted stats you need to open up the cargohold of the ship and then select the individual ammo in simulation (not fitting) and then it will show the value.

This is what you get if you right click the above nodes.

But this is what you get if you do it from cargohold:

There is a sub menu under launchers with an info tab that if you select ‘show charge’ it will show the information as well for the missile.

no it should not ! you got every information you need ! still pyfa is way better because you can simulate more things like other implants, links, nullsec weather, wh stuff and so on … but you only want to see the statc of your ammo and you can see this if you have the missile you want in your launcher … and YES if you show info on the launcher you cannot see any informations of your missile ! and if you show info on a missile you dont see the info from your launcher …

and then you come with THIS ■■■■■■■■ ! this is your launcher … why should you see the information of your missiles if you see the information for your launcher ?