Missiles, Drones and Fittings - QOL

Fair enough. I will capitulate to you here - this is where we have a preference difference. For me if the launcher is unloaded it should show the launcher values. If its loaded, it should compile the information that relevant to the ammo being shot as the top value.

I think where I am fighting back and forth is that a turret will have its tracking stats updated by ammo. So these stats combine in the fitting menu. With missiles the missile is considered separate from the launcher.

Unloaded Gun in Fitting

Loaded Gun in Fitting

Regardless, my primary suggestion was simply to have the additional values represented in this tool tip for when fighting in space.


Anyways, Thank you for being patient even if you disagree with how I feel about it.

because the turret has the tracking and the ammo has only boni or mali !

if you take launcher then the launcher doesnt have any aplications ! there is the “tracking” missile based and not turret based !

they are completly different !

Great suggestions but CCP are rent seekers so i dont know why you would even make suggestions that make the game better.

If you think CCP arent rent seekers you probably dont play the game because you wont know what a bad state it is in

then tell us, how bad this game is ! tell us why thousends of player like this game and done see your “bad state” !

your just a forum troll without any evidence to anything youre trying to tell !

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