EVE Online: Uprising Expansion

In this episode, we take a very quick look at all the things brought into EVE Online in the 8th November 2022 Uprising expansion!
There’s A LOT to to get through, so grab a drink and let me highlight some of the bigger changes for you.


00:00 Intro
00:20 Upwell Station Interiors
00:50 Corp and Alliance Logos
02:40 Undocking animation
03:00 Docking animation
03:35 Navy Frigates
04:22 Navy Battlecruisers
05:45 Navy Destroyers
07:00 Navy Dreadnoughts
09:01 Faction Warfare
09:45 Armageddon Navy Issue
10:05 Muninn Change!
10:54 Heavy Assault rebalances
11:30 Ganking changes!
12:39 Abyssal changes!
14:28 Other Stuff
17:32 Omega 7 days FREE
17:58 Outro

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