Eve Online X Monty Pythons

I mean, while we’re at it with crossovers, we might as well …

We’ve seen that scene from Life of Brian:


Monty Pythons is okay, not my usual brand of comedy but I can endorse it for EVE, but I won’t be satisfied until I see a Weenie-the-Pooh xover

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I’m in, and all I want out of the deal is “an hoop”!

That one’s probably not going to be available on the Chinese server.

The Chinese don’t like Weenie-the-Pooh? :pleading_face:

Me: “tis but a scratch”
Ganker: “a scratch? Your ship has been blown to bits!”
Me: “it has?”
Ganker: “What’s that floating pile of metal beside yon pod then, eh?”
Me: “I’ve had worse”
Ganker: “You lie!”
Me: “Come on, you panzy”
Ganker: (((shoot shoot shoot!))
Ganker: “Victory is mine!!!”
Me: (in home station): ((pounding on clone chamber): C’mon then! That your worst?"

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Totally that, and ship explosions should defo be replaced with:

“Victory is mine!” and “Ive had worse!”


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