Eve Online's 100th Anniversary

What type of content and add-ons to the game do you think will take Eve Online to year 100?

A lot of older players.
A lot of younger as well.
What are we able to do to make certain the new borns of Earth get to enjoy, Eve Online?

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It will be the 70th anniversary of the complete removal of suicide ganking from the game.

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It’ll still be using Y2K code and run on an antique PC unlike all the other MMOs that will be directly plugged in to the brain socket everyone will have implanted at birth.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m assuming that at some point technology will progress to the point that it will be possible to purchase the appropriate psychotropic medications as DLC or live service model micro-transaction and have your computer peripherals inject them directly into your bloodstream, so the need to manually patch non-consensual PvP out of the game will become obsolete.

I’ll be 120+ years old by then… thank goodness I am a capsuleer and almost immortal… :pensive:

If EVE FPS will succeed or merge seamlessly with piloting spaceships it has a big chance to continue for another 80 years otherwise it will slowly eat itself from within…

Who knows… it may even be so that all we do in-game now will become a RL activity in 80 years :thinking:

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The 33rd attempt at devising and incorporating some sort of NFT scheme into the game…

and 12th attempt at another FPS… that will ultimately fail, just like the previous 11.


$100,000 skins
Remove high sec
Remove all QoL
Change the UI 10 times
Change all the music and sounds
Change all ship models
Put 50% tax on industry and contracts
Change ship bonuses on popular ships
Add PI and Ice materials to all manufacturing
Have offices around the world and hundreds of employees because reasons

Thats pretty much it


And even then, it will not have the numbers that it did when the game was more toxic.

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Industrial Siege Starter Pack:
- Choose a region to reduce asteroid volume by 50%
- Decreased mining yield for mining drones
- Increase costs associated with industry by 25%

For only $49.99 you can disrupt industrial operations for your enemies!


A time capsule.