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I have taken a break recently. Mainly due to not wanting to play the long evolved current status quo. Its not because of the so called “Steep Learning curve” well because its not a difficult game. Not for lack of desire. Not for fear of being podded. I like the somewhat harsh environment. For this is the reason,in part. I’m not totally interested in working towards growth when there is now a 15 year disparity in the players. I’m not interested in being part of the P2W fast track. I like to earn what I get and have. I’m no carebear. I do like a challenge.

For these reasons,I can’t find it in myself to put out the cash for a year subscription. Which I would do if I seriously had a chance to make even the slightest difference in Eve and not have it take 5 or 10 years. The competition in way of the disparity I described can’t really be challenged or overcome with any sense of sanity. Every so often I come back to Eve and leave for the same reason. Its tough to challenge against an opponent with hundreds of trillions in assets.

Which brings me to this.

I don’t play this game but I did sub up when it launched for one month,years ago to check it out. Though the publisher is a larger company, Eve online at this moment has a larger current active player base than the game I linked.

An old game possibly finding new life by way of an introduction based on its launch date criteria,with many of the current QoL aspects we all expect current mmo’s to have.
Imagine what Eve could be like if for example CCP could greatly diminish RMT incentives by virtue of eliminating them. Imagine what Eve could be like without Tidi. Imagine what Eve could be like when a Titan came with stature and respect due to its scarcity and unequalled power in the theater of battle. ■■■■! Today you can buy one for $649. WTF! Imagine if being a Mercenary was fun again. Imagine what Eve could be like if NPCs didn’t mine rocks because Player fleets destabilize markets by going way over the top stupid running 50 Rorquals. Just imagine what you knew,that was good for the game that worked well for what ever play style/career you chose. Lastly,for any player to put on a mask and play the dream…

Its easy to respond to this post and say well “Eve doesn’t have or do that anymore”. Its easy to say “NO! I don’t want to lose my efforts because of a requested change”. It easy to say “This isn’t the game for you”. I could go on many a day on the dissenter quotes.

Here is an idea another company is doing at this moment. It would be worth it to keep tabs on the attempt.
Just thoughts from a gamer.
Any and all comments,suggestions are welcome. Yes even the “don’t pee in my cheerios crowd” are welcome to voice their thoughts.


Here’s the thing… Becoming relavent in EVE requires certain soft skills that are not at all tied to your in game skills.

For example:
Being a Fleet Commander: You could do this in almost any ship, as long as you lead the fleet well and know where to get fights. Yes if your name become a well known, you may get primaried but you’ll have time to build up in game skills to survive by the time you’ve become a known FC. All this takes is a willingness to lead.

Being a diplomat: no in game skills required. Join a corp that needs one and start helping. Learn who to trust and not. Make friends, get a bigger bat phone.

Logistics: yes you need to haul but just managing what to buy, putting in the leg work to do it, it is vital and makes you very relavent.

Writer/streamer: you need a ship to get you places but the rest is outside of game skills.

There are more jobs you can so, but I hope you get the point.

I think, OP, your problem is you assume that you must have the in game skills to make up those 15 years. The truth is, you don’t. This isn’t Royal Clash or the like where you will need years or tons of premium currency to rank up your walls just to avoid being pummeled daily. You can do more in EVE by just trying to lead/being helpful than in any other game. So step away from the assumption that you must have X number of skill points or levels to be goid. Join a big corp, step up and help, you’ll make a male for yourself whether you have in game skills or not.


You want to be relevant? I suggest you change your goals to having fun or being entertained. Then build up by achieving, a word exclusive to eve online. Also HTFU.


I like the current pay to win system it’s a passive way of harvesting tears,if CCP didn’t add alphas you lot would still be drooling at the trailers .
Now on a serious note want to be relevant?Then get out there learn the game properly create content either by becoming a decent CEO or a,decent FC,engineer some massive ponzi scam or whatever until you get the game handled regardless of sp you’re nothing but food for the sharks and entertainment for the forum crowd.

Lucky for you, Eve isn’t pay to win. You can pay as much money as you want. You can buy enough skill injectors to max every skill in the game. You can buy the best tournament ships on contract and officer-fit the bejesus out of it. And you can still get wrecked and regarded as little more than a speedbump by a veteran player in a plain old T2 ship.

Eve is “pay to play”. At least, “pay to play it all”. You pay to train faster. You pay to access the more interesting stuff. Nothing more.

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I’m ok with this.
If you like RMT.
If you like Tidi.
If you like buying Titans.
If you like the Merc role diminished.
If you like competing with Npcs or 50 Multi box Rorquals.
If you like watching good aspects disappear.
I am really ok with that,for you.

I however won’t be parting with my cash for that.

The relevant part I wasn’t talking about myself. Just in general. I already know what Eve is about and how to get there. FC been there. Diplo Been there. Logi Been there. Writer streamer I’ll pass.
I don’t have a problem specifically. I spend my money as I will and do it with sense. Lol most of the time.
I don’t choose to reactivate my 10 year old accounts. I found their paths with time commitments I choose to no longer be a part of. Make no mistake. If I had my way over 30% of Eve ships would get destroyed daily. Non of this posture humping and cheerleading. The ■■■■ be hitting the fan hourly,not semi annually.

The thread was directed at the link. I’ll be watching Rift to see if their alternate world of Sub only takes off. If you read the link you will see it has no asset transfer to essentially the original game plus many over time additions.
Those additions are technical upgrades to bring it on par with today’s world. Other QoL supplements like a cash shop for (non character improvements) cosmetics type.

I won’t debate what P2W,P2P,and F2p are. I know what they are. The arguments are maybe somewhat valid yet I don’t care about the debate.

If this does get traction other MMO’s will no doubt follow that path. It might be time to consider this.

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One of the single greatest things about Eve is single-shardedness (or for the more cynical among us, single-shartedness when describing the collective playerbase).

Rift was a very fun game when it first came out. The level of customization was incredibly fun. You could make unconventional builds. You could run ■■■■■■ up specs and when you start owning people they start trying to figure out how you managed to do X and Y at the same time. That was incredibly fun. Interestingly, you have that same option here with the flexibility in fitting ships. One of the main things that keeps me here.

The difference between Rift Prime and Eve’s 15 year run is that Eve Prime is a trickle release of content not in “leveling up”. Imagine that you could only level up once every 2 weeks in Rift Prime. Would that still hold the same appeal for you?

I guess if I liked the original Rift leveling every two weeks would be ok. I don’t choose to play Rift. I was drawn to what the company is doing with the old game.

One shard to rule them all. Fine let anyone who wants to stay,stay. Though I have a feeling they won’t sit idle.
Why does one rooster care what another is crowing 10 miles away? Why does one hen have a care for how many eggs were laid in a nest 10 miles away? Why does a fox care what another one is burying 10 miles away? They don’t and why should other’s?
If the players in Eve choose to stay why do they care if another Eve universe exists? It doesn’t seem to matter who plays Serenity. Does it really?

Again its the concept not so much the two games in comparison. CCP didn’t invent F2P yet here we are. They followed the trend. If the so called “Vanilla” versions takes hold CCP will do it. All I’m pointing to is there are various reasons to do it aside from the concept from the link. It must have been worth the chance for Trion or else they wouldn’t have done it.

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Roosters and Hens aren’t interconnected in a player-driven economy. This is very much a macro thing. If you eliminate the critical mass, the economy collapses. Inflation becomes rampant, etc etc etc.

Games like Eve only work the way they do because they’re designed to be single-shard from the get-go. You start splitting up your playerbase, and they’ll all die separately.

I’m ok with that.
CCP will be too if they see there is something to what Trion is attempting.

It’s a business and businesses do what they do to make revenue.

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I’m not.

Good luck in your next endeavor.

–Gadget will be sticking around

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Stick around. Its ok Gadget.

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Pretty much this.

This is just like the old conversations I use to have with Dust 514 players back when I was an active lecture host for Dust University. Even got involved with forums discussions on similar topics.

In the end, most players (new and old) understood that buying your way up the ranks with AUR (back when that was a thing) or something like that meant nothing if you don’t know how to use it. There is an old saying I use to give back in the golden days of Dust 514. “Give a newb a katana and he won’t know how to use it and die. Give a veteran a butter knife and he will slaughter everyone in the room.”

It has little bearing on the subject other than I personally object to paying cash for what I can earn in a game. Having included my thought on the subject was a mistake and some will use it to defer away from the topic.

Perhaps I should have been more direct by way of posting the topic first instead of what led my interest to the topic.

Which is Trion has introduced a new way to play their old game. CCP and Eve have things in common and could possibly see what Trion is doing as a consideration for Eve Online.

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I would love to be able to just buy isk I think CCP would make a lot more money if they would allow us to buy like 20 billion a month if we chose to without having to buy Plex because the Plex doesn’t always sell as quick as we need it to buy ships with

It is my philosophy that if the game is good enough, then the devs deserve more money out of me. I have been spending way more than necessary on CCP’s products but still do it anyways simply because I enjoy their content. Am I a fool for it? Probably. But it feels fun to be the fool.

I don’t see it as a mistake. If you had anything to say (nice or not) then say it. Don’t keep it bottled up.

Can you elaborate on that more? I don’t think I understood what you meant or maybe it needs to be spelled out for me. XD

Trionworlds the very essence of pay2win incarnate and gaming cancer.

They have to be inventive to get people to play their games because everyone has quit them in droves. If there was a award for losing players Trion would have gotten one for Archeage. They have the only dev team that people memorize their faces in case they bump into them in real life.

Please do not use this sh**hole company for any example of anything credible, since they aren’t, and couldn’t even successfully publish a already successful game without killing it entirely in under 2 years.
Ever seen a population on a game go from overstuffed to completely dead in under 2 years? Yea play a Trion game.

Trion making EA even look good.

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You’re telling me that you can’t go to perimeter and sell plex at current buy offers? How many hundreds of thousands of plex are you trying to offload at a time and why aren’t you spreading it out?

Ooooor is it because you want to get the best amount of isk you can get for your plex? You can simulate “buying isk directly from CCP” by selling at current buy prices. If you want better, plan ahead.

The link from my opening post which I read. https://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/...ift-prime-faq/

I coudn’t give a hoot about Rift the game or the company. Its what they are doing that interest me.

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