Eve Online's Absurd Kill/Loss System

No I think you are just gaslighting with absurd strawmen. I’m simply asking for something that should be fundamental to any good PvP game. What could be more fundamental than an in-game record of PvP kills ?

Of course you primarily solo players don’t care that much, because you invariably always get an in-game kill record as a result. But for fleets one has an absurd system where only the ‘final shot’ gets the killmail…even if they contributed the lowest amount to the kill. An arbitrary and crazy way of doing things. I agree with Stefnia that everyone on a kill should get a killmail.

That way there would be no ’ who got the killmail ? ’ or nonsensical ‘they shot their own station and one of them got the kill and is hiding it’.

Perhaps CCP could devote a little more effort to the basic ingredients of the cake rather than endlessly piling on more icing.

There’s such a thing as Fiction. This game is based on fiction. Fiction doesn’t need a historical record. Your character lives in a frictional world and therefore you can fictionalize any actions taken within it.

Gosh…try re-writing the history of Middle Earth and see how well that goes down with Tolkien fans.

Not really. I’m agreeing with Stefnia that everyone should get a killmail. I’m disagreeing with you that zero record exists if you don’t get one.

Just because you don’t understand this nuance does not make it a „gaslight“. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, let alone make you doubt yourself about whether you got a killmail lol. You’re doing a good job of convincing me this is another one of your Cilly threads.


No one is talking about rewriting existing fiction. Your character’s fiction is what you make of it.
Set a record in a blog and enjoy the likes.

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No…you are just inventing silly and pedantic ‘alternatives’ for something the system itself should be doing. You mention blogs, and one in particular, but as I already pointed out…even that blog makes frequent reference to killboard and often relies on it ! A nuance you don’t seem to understand…pointing me to a blog that makes heavy use of killboard…the irony.

OK…well I just single handedly defeated the entirety of some nullsec bloc using a corvette. No-one can prove this didn’t happen…so it must have, especially as one person’s pure fiction is now apparently just as good as what actually happened.

Maybe it did happen.

But when you want people to believe you, must give them some reason to trust you.
Otherwise, something that may or may not exist and which has no impact on reality is irrelevant.

However, if it is fiction then … well it’s a fiction within a fiction, what’s wrong with that ?

The system should be doing a lot of things and I agree that having to go off-game is silly and breaks the immersion. For one, the Bounty system should be turned back on. A Killboard should be included and a slew of other things. The game is missing some fundamental PvP mechanics and lacks in other areas.
If I said it once I said it a thousand times, EvE needs more immersive systems, from gameplay to UI.
But what do I know, I’m no expert in gaming.


It did ! All the 40,000 killmails were lost though. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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No, I don’t have to.

It’s a fiction, we can accept it or not.

No amount of ‘fiction’ can invent kills that never happened…or negate kills that did. Otherwise there’d be absolutely zero point in ever logging in and I could just ‘fictionalise’ my single handed conquest of the entirety of Eve.

The fact that Eve is fiction does not alter what did, or did not, actually happen. So its a bit of a pointless riposte really. Even in a fictional world there is an actual history…otherwise there’d be no point in someone making a 6 hour long ‘history of Eve’ video !

The actual kill matters and the lack of record is lamentable. But there is no official record of what happens in the fictional world besides videos and blogs. There is no New Eden history book to buy and read in-game, the factions don’t hold records besides what’s written on your character sheet so really only off-game records trace a history of New Eden. So in EVE’s case the fiction is recorded out of and in spite of the fictional world.
If something happened to the hosting servers of zKill and all the records are lost, would any of it have “actually” happened?

I’d start to wonder what on Earth I’m logging in for. What is the point of playing a PvP game with such lamentable PvP ‘history’ ?

You only log in for the PvP kills? If that is the case I can understand your frustration. Let’s hope it’s an isolated incident then.

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What ? You mean you can log in ?

Well I received kms that I was killed in, while I was not logged in.
I also have kills without a km.

KM are not a trace of what happened.
And history is not the personal stories.

KMs are just for bragging right. Not for history.


What’s is actually ironic is claiming that I am missing the nuance of my own words…

…when the first four words of that paragraph still apply.

Any further response from you that isn’t an admission of actually understanding what I’m communicating – a historical record in the form of a blog could continue without killmails given its propensity for numerous screenshots, logs, video clips, and written text – is not worth engaging with further.

I’m sorry that forum readers had to witness this really boring back and forth.


No…you pointed me at a blog that makes frequent use of killboard, indeed the ganker channel is often little else but ‘bragging’ killmails, all without grasping the irony.

So once again I comment…its fine for some to ‘brag’ but apparently not others.

Ah, yet more gaslighting.

And the idea that every single PvP-er should have to start up a blog or a video channel rather than the system simply doing what it should do and record the stuff properly…is quite frankly hilarious.

I am also very sorry you feel like me having to explain my own idea which runs counter to your original rant – and the only reason I’ve bothered to re-explain it multiple times at this point is because normally you’re a rational fellow – and somehow the mere idea that it could cause you to reconsider your original idea is “gaslighting” is a new low, even for you.

I see why Sol (in Eve Mail) and Aiko (on these very forums) have pointed out to you before when you get stubborn on a stupid idea, and for some reason have picked a tiny hill to die on. I don’t want to bother with the effort of telling you what you already know, but you can add my name to the growing list.

What’s irrational about expecting a PvP game to record all PvP kills ? You haven’t answered the original gripe, you’ve side-tracked it with loads of irrelevancies and ‘alternatives’ that you know most people are not going to do.

As for ‘zero record’…that’s just nit picking that I didn’t say ‘in-game’, which was what I meant. It is in-game that it matters to be. No…I don’t want to have to use yet another third party app to record a history that the game itself should record.

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