EVE Planetary Planner

Let me start with this is a very cool app!
I don’t know if this is already part of the application but if it is I cant seem to find it. But a way to set how much of each P1/P2/P3 I am producing (per hour/cycle/day/week etc) from all my planets and a way to see what kind of products I can support with that output would be nice. Even better if it can be pulled from the API.

Example would be, I have x planets producing x average per hour/cycle: what can I build with that and what would be the best products to produce with said extraction/production.

I am building a spreadsheet to calculate this so if you want an example of it I would be happy to share once its complete!

Hi @S0r3n,
I understand what you ask for.

For indication, the API does not give quantities from the extractors.
Only what is stored in the structures.

Also, the Planetary Planner already pulls all your planets from the API.

Given that, you would have to provide the quantities/cycle for each of the commodities that you extract before I could calculate what you can do with it.

For the tell me how much and how fast I produce things

This feature already partially exist in the Planetary Planner.
You just need to work a little bit with it to get what you want.

  1. Configure your API(s)
  2. Go to the Planets Plan
  3. Load your planet(s) from the API (the planet in a square icon)
  4. For each planet, for each extractor, setup your quantity and cycle time (the next version coming probably this week or next week will have an old feature re-introduced that gives you a popup let you configure all your extractors in one place. (All in One)
  5. Click the Aura button at the bottom
  6. Select Planets Data
  7. Press Run until Exhaustion
  8. Enjoy the results

The Planets Data actually simulates your planets and tells you how long it would take to exhaust your commodities in the production line.
It also tells you how much of each commodity you produced, consumed, stored and wasted.

It does not tell how the per hour/cycle/day/week ,
But it is close enough for a start.

Once I am done with the tutorial I am writing, I will see what I can do about this request to make it less complicated to achieve what you want.

For the what can I do with what I have

Right now the tool does not exactly support that.
You can see what you can do with sets of planets if you use the Reverse Lookup.
But it is not as precise as giving a specific list of commodities and see what you can do with it.

Not that it would be hard to implement.

So I’ll think about it too.

I do hope that answered your question.

Have fun and fly safe

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Current tutorial status: 75% done
Main view
Production Plan
Reverse Lookup
In Progress Planets Plan (the big one that I dread to write…)
Product Data popup
Cost popup
Planets Data popup
All in One popup


  • Fixed some issues in the layout of some labels
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the Aura menu behavior
  • Minor UI improvement in the All in One popup
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So it looks like EVEMon is able to pull this information for each of my characters and I did a little research into it. Turns out that ESI actually does have “qty_per_cycle” available for each extractor in the json for each planet! Don’t know if you can use it as I don’t to a lot of API work but might be worth checking out! Just a thought, going to give it a shot with my sheets.

Status Update:

You know the good thing about writing an extensive tutorial?
You remember all the little Quality of Life improvements you have added to your tool over the years and forgot about it.

You know the bad thing about writing an extensive tutorial?
You get to test again all the features and find a TON of bugs that need fixing.

So while I am writing the tutorial I am also fixing bugs because I cannot release something that is not working as intended.

Bottom line:
The tutorial is taking good shape.
But it is taking more time than planned because I got to debug and fix issues I found while testing and taking screenshots.

I already got most of the issues fixed.
So I should be done with the bug fixing today or tomorrow.
Then more tutorial to write.

We are getting there,
and when we will be there,
it will be better than ever.

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Version 8.6.1 is available

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to MANUALLY download the latest version.
I had some problems with the auto-updating feature and the only fix I could make work was to migrate from the old one and make a new one that will be future-proof.
Sorry for this, it should be the only time it will ever happen.

Also: the API registration is NOT working at the moment.
If you have it setup already, then no problems.
But you cannot add new API characters for now.
I am working on a fix, but I am not sure how long it will take.

Now onto the good stuff:

The tutorial is DONE!
5815 words!
175+ screenshot!
29 functionalities!
Head over to the site and read it until you drop, or get bored.
I think I covered pretty much every aspects and little functionalities of the tool.
If you find something missing, just post it here and I will see to add it.

And the features and bug fixes?

  • Removed Menu default opacity and on hover
  • Updated API final message
  • Completed Quick Output Calculation feature
  • Product Data popup is now resizable, and can be dragged using the whole title bar instead of just the icon
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the app when closing if no Product Data was selected
  • Fixed an issue with the Register API popup not closing when an exception occurs
  • Made all popups title bar draggable
  • Changed Suggester ticks to match in-game
  • Replaced MaskedTextBox with simple textboxes
  • Added All In One feature
  • Fixed a bug causing the Aura Menu to not close after clicking an option
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the Aura Menu
  • Fixed Space route Expand/Collapse
  • Fixed removing routes when a structure is deleted
  • Fixed an issue adding route then trying to collapse it
  • Fixed several issues related to removing routes
  • Fixed a bug with the error popup not showing the full message
  • Improved API loading message
  • Made API popup resizable
  • Disabled API loading auto-close
  • Updated planets icons to their latest graphic
  • Fixed some issues with the screenshot extractor
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API is fixed. :slight_smile:

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Version 8.6.3 is available.

  • Minor update to the error popup to show more useful messages.
  • Error popup now has a ‘Copy’ button to copy the message to the clipboard so you do not have to take screenshots of it anymore.
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Version 8.6.5 is available.

Fixed an issue with Dlls version when trying to register the API.

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Version 8.6.6 is available
Fixed an issue with refreshing prices

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Version 8.6.8 is now available.

  • Added more detailed error messages when loading planets from API
  • Improved Reorder Plan algorithm
  • Fixed an issue with icons appearing blurry
  • API Keys are saved as soon as they are added
  • Fixed a bug preventing to remove API keys
  • Fixed a bug when loading a plan saved with the ‘Use with Production Plan’ option

Version 8.6.9 is now available

  • Fixed an issue with planets space routes
  • Improved Reordering of planets with space routes
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Version 8.6.10 is now available.

  • Fixed an issue with API keys registration following some ESI changes regarding callback url.
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Version 8.6.11

  • API is now loading extractors installed product, quantity, duration and number of heads
  • Fixed exception when starting with an expired API token
  • Fixed exception loading window position
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I just found your planner ( and decided to give it a go. Very impressive so far. I found a couple issues I can’t seem to solve. When working in planets plan it has a tendency to snap the planet and route icons on top of each other and they won’t stay where I leave them. I can’t see what I have with everything on top of each other. Reloading doesn’t appear to fix it.

In Planet editing, I can add second extractor on a storm planet but it doesn’t show the base metals I am actually extracting on that planet. Only shows Aqueous Liquids, Ionic Solutions, and Noble Gas.

Again, impressive program. I’m sure I’m just missing something.

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Hi @Razor_Huunuras
Thanks for the feedback.
Did you try the reorder option ?
it should tidy up you plan.

As for your storm planet, I am not sure why you do not see all products.
You should see

  • Aqueous Liquids
  • Base Metals
  • Ionic Solutions
  • Noble Gas
  • Suspended Plasma

I sent you a PM.

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So I found what is wrong @Razor_Huunuras
And it’s not a bug, it’s actually a feature :slight_smile:

You have checked ‘Use for planets Plan’.
This option actually limits the planets products to only what is needed for producing the selected component. In your case ‘Cryoprotectant Solution’.
‘Cryoprotectant Solution’ does not require Base Metal in its production chain.

As for the snapping of facilities, this feature is experimental, and I am still trying to improve it.
I’ll use the plan you sent me to see what is going on in your specific case.
Probably something I forgot to handle somewhere.

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