EVE Planetary Planner

@Liewe_Lullu Thanks for your pln file.
I am looking at it, and I got to say that I have never seen a plan like that.
No wonder the tool is confused.

The problem is that the way you have some inputs that come a factory to your spaceport and some that just transfer from a storage to your spaceport.
The tool is trying to align them but the factory and the storage are fighting each other for the right to align the spaceport with themself.

I’ll need sometime to think about a solution.

Thank you very much! I realise now that the game does not allow a route between a storage and the launch pad. Only an expedited transfer.

Also, my life is basically a big confusion :slight_smile:

Yes, and now I remember that I did not add that rule because I left people the possibility to do expedited transfer.
Just like I let people add routes between planets.
Some of the tool concepts rely on the player actual in-game actions (ex: move things between planets).

Regarding your bug, I found the true cause of it.
There was an actual bug in the code.
Basically all planets were using all space routes, even if the space route was not from or to them.
That was causing your plan to go into an infinite loop trying to order the planets and their content.

This is fixed now, but I want to work a little bit more on the algorithm to make the result ‘prettier’.

Fantastic! Thank you very much! :smiley:

Version 8.6.9 is now available

  • Fixed an issue with planets space routes
  • Improved Reordering of planets with space routes

Thanks to @Liewe_Lullu for you help in catching this one. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!