EVE portraits - share tricks, and share yours!

Able to now share my recently born PI character, further to my post above. I have big plans for her.


You… don’t have to save it.

Muck about with it. If you don’t like the results, don’t save.

Go back a few months later, try again.

It’s what I do.

90% of the time, I don’t like the results.

But it’s those 10% of the times that I update the portrait.

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This is something I don’t understand. I tried to “add” an apparel to my character, but it wasn’t “used” and stayed in inventory. I was expecting this to wok like SKINs.

Does that mean, that to cycle through many apparels I need to have them all in station inventory?

Apparel isn’t a consumable, unlike ship skins.

All your apparel will be items in your station inventory, you cannot add them to the character like you can use ship skins.

Once you use a piece of apparel to make your portrait picture that piece of apparel is ‘consumed’, but only temporarily.

If you were to fly to another station and update your portrait there, you can remove that piece of apparel again by selecting another option. If you do so, that piece of apparel appears in the station inventory again, so you can sell it or use it for another character.

(As a side-effect, this is the only way you can transport items between stations through clone-jumps.)

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No wonder apparel doesn’t sell well.

Not surprised if the best you can do is an unshaven 12 year old girl with tats, a mohecan and a moustache.

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Sounds like someone is jealous! Must be frustrating to know that other people can see their choice of moustache and tattoos when they look in the mirror.

I do a similar thing. I just try all the options, see what looks nice, try new things and if it doesn’t do what I want it to do, go back or don’t save.

Zaera is perfection.

Yeah, pretty much that.

All Apparel needs to be in the ‘Items Hangar’ of the same station that your character is in. When you select the T-Shirt icon in Station Services, those Apparel items will then be listed in the ‘Character Customization’ screen with the stock Apparel items.

For example, you have the ‘Silvershore’ Greatcoat in station ‘Items Hangar’. After you enter Character Customization screen, click on ‘Clothes’ tab, then click on ‘Outer’ tab. The ‘Silvershore’ Greatcoat will then be listed with all the other ‘Outer’ Apparel items. Clicking on the coat will then fit it onto your character.

Clicking on the ‘Body Augmentations’ tab will bring up a new set of drop down tabs for different items, such as scars, tattoos, etc.

That’s how you select specific items to fit on your character. If you don’t want to do that, you can do like I mentioned earlier and just click the ‘Randomize Appearance’ button.

However that option will produce very different and extreme looks from your normal character look, meaning along with Apparel, it also randomly selects different physical features like type and color of eyes, hair, skin details, etc…

If at any time you don’t like what the Character Customization is doing, you can always select the ‘Back’ button in the lower left corner to exit that page and return to your old character appearance.

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Hey! Don’t shame my lack of skills!

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Only a small preview of the collection.

I have noticed that the characters are offset from the camera, so they need to be put a bit to the left in order to be centered. CCPlease fix it.


Yeah, it’s been like that ever since they removed the in-game character info box review…

Back before then whenever you pressed ‘finish’ in the character portrait page, a little pop-up window showing how the actual portrait looked in-game would appear on-screen with 2 buttons, accept or cancel.

What was cool about that feature is you could see if the character had their eyes open or closed, also if their arms, chest, etc was flexed out or not from breathing, etc…

actually, it was working fine since that change. seems like it’s only been recently.

Well, maybe at first it was ok… but the issue of not being centered has been happening for quite a long time now…

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I just wanna know; when are we gonna get some new hair styles and maybe with higher/finer detail?

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Nice collection!

And are you sure the offset isn’t caused by the stance you chose?
You said the offset is a recent change and while I haven’t made any portraits recently I do know that the stances aren’t all symmetrical and I guess that may cause an offset.

Upon entering the character portrait page, even before selecting a pose, the character is off centered to the right side.

I usually create a new portrait every couple of months and to the best of my memory it’s been like that for quite a while now…

When the character is posed in the centre of the portrait, upon taking the “snapshot”, the character is offset to the side (can’t remember of left or right atm). Nothing to do with pose/stance.

That sounds annoying, good to know!