EvE progression system

No, you cant. Creat new pilot and just watch how many days you need to crus, BS, some t2 ships.
You can unlock fast frigs and destrs.

And where i say that it must be? Quote plz.

Yup. Stupid. You have no idea how to fly a Moros or keep it safe. If you could fly it instantly you would lose it, and all your ISK. Most likely you would be annoyed it can’t hit a battlecruiser and quit the game, leaving a rant on the forums about how broken it all is.

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Except if you can fly it all from day 1 it will be no sense of progression. Because you have it all already.
Game studies published on gaming websites have typically shown that people are more likely to quit games because they have everything already, not because there are things that will take time to get. (Source them yourself off gaming websites if you want them, or present some counter sources)

Also it’s not 3 months to be in a BS, you can sit in a BS in about 5 days if you really want, and have Large guns even I believe.
You have specifically picked some of the longest train ships to try and make an argument here yet if I log in a 0 training character from when you started with even less SP than you do now (55,281 to be exact) and not even Gallente, I with a proper map & implants can be in a Thanatos in about 5 months.

Also if you want to claim statistics that say fewer people are staying (presumably relative to the number joining the game), then please present actual evidence of your numbers, along side proof that this is the reason they are quitting.
Simply asserting this with no evidence or in fact no even indirect links is not going to strengthen your argument, it’s going to weaken it.

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Have you noticed that there’s a pattern to the price of the ship, and how long it takes to unlock?

Think that pattern is a coincidence?

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You are wrong. You can fly it, yes. But you want to fly it BETTER.
And this why ypu still need to learn skills.
Im npt telling about remove skills from game.

Sure. When it takes few weeks. But when it takes few month you feel nothing expect of impatience.

I don’t feel impatience.

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So while you learn 6 month to fly carrier - its ok and you are happy that you waiting.
Its feels good to not_to_play ship you want for half of year?

Yes, because I don’t pick a ship based on vanity. I pick ships based on utility.

Your ships are specialised tools. Some tools are cheap, like a hammer or a screwdriver. Some tools are expensive, like a TIG welder. When they wear out, you dispose of them and purchase replacements.

The only problem here is your mentality.

Aaaaand? Its a game you know? You want to get some fan.
And if fan is “fly big damn moros” why i should play “smart”?

And there is nobody who take ships on vanity, right?

This change will not affect people that take ships based on utility.
But this affect people that come to Eve because of news like “big fleets fights blablabla”.
This will affect players that dont want fly crus or BC because they wont.

Why you force people play the way they wont to?

The skill requirements of a ship affects its utility. Reducing them changes the relative utility compared to short-train ships. So you are wrong.

What? How it works?
I am telling just remove reqs. Skills still exists. And affects.

For example you can fly thorax with reps, but if you have gallente crus 4 and some rep.skills you will be much more effective.
In which why it affects utility?

And as we remember CCP doing tiericide - each ship will have own usability.
With varying success of course but still.

Just to clarify, I may have misunderstood. I do not suggest removing the skills that are specified in the requirements. I propose to remove the requirements themselves. All these skills will still be in the game and will affect the ships, items and stuff.

For example thorax with all5, 5 heavy neutrons and 2 damage mod have ≈450 dps and enough fitting space.
Without skills - dps is 160 and 30% less fitting capablities
So you still thinks that you dont need to learn skills in this situation?

Flying a carrier is not something a new player should be worried about. If you are making an alt, there are ways to cut down on the training (buy a pilot or buy SP).

The larger the ship is, the more support skills and game-experience you need to be efficient at flying it. Allowing people to just grind the skills out would only result in hilarious lossmails.

But i am talking not about caps only…

Same applies to everything in the game. To use basic items of any kind (mostly) requires very little training. If you want to get better bonuses, you have to train more.

The only problem in here is your view about the skills. You do not have to just sit on your ass and wait for the skills to be trained. You can do whatever you like in the mean time and the skills will finish. It sounds like you are trying to apply the mechanics of other MMO’s into Eve (Played WoW much?) Eve takes patience to master. Shortcutting will only lead to ragequits.

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You need like 2-3 month of target training (this mean you target on the only goal) to start drive BO.
About 2 month of most of T2 ships.
BS? 2-2,5 month.

Is it quick? Is it “newbie friendly”? Totaly not.
Its artificial timewall thay already non-actual due SP injectors and other things (lile game industry evolves and thouse mechanics that was actual 10 years ago, now looks pretty bad)

Really? Mb you read OP? :slight_smile:
If you want BS gameplay you will wait if you tired of your current gameplay.