Eve resources in spanish?

I am Latin - American, my wife is interested in finally use the two alphas she are training (one gallente and one Minmatar), and ask me about a blog or resources in spanish. Myself begin some weesk ago a blog in spanish, but dont know other resources in spanish with regular activity.

In terms of in game resources you may want to try one of the player created language channels. You can find a list of player made channels here: Player Created Channels.

Understand, my Problem is giving her information available offline from commutes and dead times.


Finally i see not much informtaion in spanish.

I made a new blog in spanish one month ago and is more active than the others, maybe can be added in the other resources lists

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join the channel ‘Español’ , pretty sure you can have a fun chat with the rest of the hispanic community :smiley:

i go to do so and my wife too if i convince her to try again

Thanks for share!! I’m searching for something like that, i’m a 15 days old eve player maybe I learn something, for the moment, i understand the 5% of your blog and im spanish. XD

I have recentñly many things to do in real life., maybe cn be useful for you some comments i go to post in next days. About why alts are needed. =)

Happy holidays