Eve Sandbox?

Seems eve online is missing one thing from the sandbox experience, it is missing the social contract part of normal society. Thus is missing good faith. It misses consequences that comes from social identity. Ultimately it is missing ethics.

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Fun Fact: Ethics are subjective


OP is right people should convert to the Amarrian religion and follow the commandments of their God.

Time for more slaves on our PI plantations, no worries the Amarrian God approves.

I am speaking about the player to player interaction not the games fantasy.

It’s just like real life. Some people you build relationships with and trust and cooperate. Some people are monsters who should be exiled.

Lots of people are in between.

Weeks ago I sent a dreadnought to someone I know cause he needed it quick. I didn’t even think about payment or anything. A week later I got some really great pirate BS in my hangar.

Just gotta build those relationships. It can take a while. Start by sharing something small.


Sounds like you had some bad experience in EVE. But you must not generalize: It is possible to find friends even without headset. It is helpful to find a good Newbro friendly corp, but even some fellow regular miners in highsec can be a nice bunch.
But of course it depends on what you regard as ethics. Just a reminder: Nobody can be killed by other players, you always awake in a brand new clone. Anything else: Watch your sand castle! You can keep it for months or even years, and then it’s time to rebuild or try something new. Even a powerful corp which is confident to be able to defend their property loses some Citas and Titans from time to time.

The social contract is subjective. New Eden allows players freedom to follow or ignore any social contract they please. Other games might require players to behave in a certain way, but in New Eden you can pretty much act as you please.

It’s a rough environment, and the game limits its interference in player behavior. That appeals to many of us, but it’s not for everyone.

If it is not for some then it is not for anyone. Sandbox implies inclusion. If not it is not a real sandbox.

You misunderstand. When I say it’s not for everyone, I mean that in the same way some people like FPS games and some prefer racing games.

Anyone can play EVE, but not everyone is going to enjoy the sandbox. Some folks just want more guidance than a sandbox will provide.

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But you use “it’s not for everyone” to tell people they don’t belong.

“Ethics” and “Inclusion”. Let’s keep the “woke” out of EVE, please…

That is as pointless to say as keep piracy out of eve. People will be people. I think new eden means literally choice of good and evil.

I joined in 2011 with the understanding that what sets EVE apart from any other game, Is that it basically allows you to do what no other game does. You can be the biggest asshole, or have the biggest heart.

It’s possible to make friends on either side of the good or evil side. Like with anything else, you get out, what you put in.


This is utterly wrong.
Some don’t like sand (or at least the included cat poo), or have a particular skin desease, or always return crying when sharing a sandbox because of conflicts, so the parents realize soon that it’s not the favorite spot for their child at the playgroud, while it enjoys swinging or the playground slide much more.

Everyone should try, Alpha’s for free. But after some years of playing, you sense who might enjoy EVE less than others. It’s just a game, created for joy and diversion.

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No, if its not for some, then its not for EVERYONE.

Sandbox implies freedom.

A buddhist and a christian are eating at a bar. The buddhist says to the christian “I think everyone should be free to do whatever they want”. The christian goes “Thats stupid, so youre saying someone is free to go out and kill whoever they want?” The buddhist says “Yes. And the police is free to arrest them, the judge is free to sentence them, and the prison warden is free to imprison them for life.”

The thing about a sandbox, is you can choose to uphold good standards and ethics, or you can choose to be a backstabbing little prick.

That choice, makes this game one of the best sandbox games ever.


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