EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel Celebrating over 1 million wormhole jumps!

As the premier service and exploration corp of New Eden, Signal Cartel travels all over the cluster. Mostly we utilize wormhole connections to support our public service offerings of Thera mapping and bookmark sharing, EvE-Scout Search & Rescue, and our EvE-Scout Rescue Cache program. In other words, we jump wormholes… a lot. From mid-2017 to present, EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel have completed over 1 million wormhole jumps!!!

From time to time we’re asked to share our wormhole jump data with those who’d like to do research for both in game and out of game purposes. To celebrate our milestone, we’re providing a one-time jump data dump provided by Allison, our in-house AI, from 2018 through 2021 excluding pilot names. Provided via a CSV file which you can download from this link, you will find origination system, destination system, and timestamp. Keep in mind these are wormhole jumps, not gate jumps. If you see a K-Space to K-Space jump, then that was done via a wormhole, not a gate.

Some stats:
955,000 jumps from 2018 - 2021
Visited all systems via wormhole connections
Visited all J-Space systems a minimum of 161 times each
Visited CL-IRS in Etherium Reach once!

Lastly, any derivative work should acknowledge EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel as the data source, and if you find anything cool, please let us know! :slight_smile:


Figure 1: Somebody had to do it

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LOL I love it! :slight_smile:

For those playing with PowerShell


PS> $evescout = Get-Content ./Signal_Cartel_Jumps_2018_2021.csv|ConvertFrom-csv -Header 'Origin', 'Destination','TimeStamp' 

Adding a Year column from timestamp column by using a calculated field (also grouping by year here)

PS> $evescoutyear = $evescout|select Origin, Destination, TimeStamp, @{N='Year';E={[datetime]::ParseExact($_.TimeStamp, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss', $null).Year}}|Group-Object -Property Year

Jumps per year (percentage of data set: 2018 - 16.5%, 2019 - 22.01%, 2020 - 31.28%, 2021 - 30.17%)

PS> $evescoutyear | select values, count                                                                                                     

Values  Count
------  -----
{2018} 157802
{2019} 210254
{2020} 298803
{2021} 288165

Number of jumps involving a major trade hub system (0.19% of the jumps)

PS> ($evescout|where {$_.Origin -match 'Jita|Rens|Amarr|Dodixie|Hek' -or $_.Destination -match 'Jita|Rens|Amarr|Dodixie¦Hek'}).Count

Number of K-Space to K-Space jumps (via a wormhole) (3.9% of the jumps)

PS> ($evescout|where {$_.Origin -notmatch '^J([0-9]){6}|Thera' -and $_.Destination -notmatch '^J([0-9]){6}|Thera'}).Count

Top 20 systems of Origin (group by Origin)

PS> $evescoutgrouporigin|select Name,Count|Sort-Object -Property Count -Descending -Top 20      

Name    Count
----    -----
Thera   45024
Zoohen   4296
Tarta    1579
Nasreri  1505
Assez    1453
Serren   1428
Abyss    1402
J133358  1152
Tekaima  1095
J212906   997
Saisio    924
Tar       911
Hadji     848
Heorah    839
J174618   835
Chamja    734
J200727   724
Ziasad    720
Pakhshi   716
Doza      705

Top 20 systems of Destination (group by Destination)

PS> $evescoutgroupdestination|select Name, Count|Sort-Object -Property Count -Descending -Top 20

Name      Count
----      -----
Thera     45862
Zoohen     4773
Nasreri    1359
Tarta      1359
Serren     1199
Assez      1193
J133358    1191
Abyss      1188
J212906    1010
Saisio      923
Tekaima     906
Tar         835
J174618     825
Heorah      773
Hadji       750
J000186     735
J200727     722
Pakhshi     693
Girani-Fa   643
Chamja      639

It is a large dataset so might take up a good bit of memory if constructing new structures like joining, also processing can take a good few minutes. Pro tip, reduce dataset early (aka filter left) where possible.

If you are running low on memory you can force a garbage collection with

PS> [System.GC]::Collect()
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