Eve Sessions- Short stories about the world of EVE Online


For those that are interested, I am providing a link to my online short stories blog about the world of EVE Online. Mostly, these stories are about my character, Sera Kor-Azor, Sera is the ‘love child’ of Ariticio Kor-Azor. Sera was sent to an Amarrian convent as a way to keep her from embarrassing the rest of the family. However, she spent her time in the convent reading forbidden books on the Occult and practicing magic.

These stories have already been submitted to the 'New Eden Capsuleer’s writing contest. At least one of these stories has already won. I’m pointing this out so that there is no confusion as to the intention of my positing. I am submitting these stories merely for the enjoyment of the reader.

Thanks, Sera



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