EVE Soloers Discord server

Hey all! I’ve created a Discord server for everyone who likes the solo playstyle, be it PVP, PVE, Industry, Mining, Exploration… Anything! The server is really new, just couple days old so we’re still getting our bearings. The server isn’t owned by any corporation/alliance in particular.

By solo I mean that you can be in big alliance/corp but you still enjoy doing some things alone in EVE, or are curious how to do things alone and want to get into it.

The idea started as an alternative for Bringing Solo Back but incorporating all solo playstyles, instead of just solo PVP. (And with hopefully a bit more chill attitude :wink: )

From newbro who wants to get into solo lifestyle to bittervet that has seen it all, everyone is welcome.
Come shiptoast with us, share your dank killmails and elite pvp videos, ask questions, theorycraft fittings for various careers and just talk about EVE with us! Most of us are solo PVPers atm, but like I said, everyone is welcome.

You can join it here: https://discord.gg/cgvJWY4

(also if I’m not there when you join I’m sleeping it’s almost 5am when I’m typing this post oops)


Why this instead of formerly official Reddit EVE Discord or the FW EVE Discord?

Why not?

Plus not everyone including me has heard of the official Reddit EVE Discord or the FW EVE Discord servers.

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>THE< EVE Discord and >THE< EVE FW Discord are the largest and most well known. There’s no need for more. I guarantee you this will not grow beyond a little treehouse when these two Discords are massive with how many players they capture and their activity levels.

So it’s a club for people who don’t like to be in a club?

I like to be alone! If you also like to be alone join me!


Says more about you than them that you actually thrive in the /r/eeeeeeeve discord

I hope so. Big Discord servers are usually too hectic to participate in anyway.

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Call me crazy… but does this not defy the definition of ‘playing Eve solo’?

I haven’t posted a message in the EVE Discord in the past 6 months and I have the server on mute. I was just pointing it out to him that he might want to join an actual EVE server instead of form a treehouse with only 5 people in it.

I think those shitting on the idea in here want to maintain a monopoly on the community. Why does the game only get to have two discords? Most games have hundreds. I’m in. Thanks for sharing


I don’t understand. What’s wrong with that? The more people, the less the average IQ.

We have our own discord server. At times I wish there were more people, but I know that finding good people who are actually worth having around is really, really hard. The highest we got was four people (we’re three, heh) and the latest addition quit, because he’s rarely ever talking anyway.

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There’s nothing wrong with a treehouse. You’re right: quality is better than quantity. I was only pointing out that this is unlikely going to live up to its expected audience size (not too small, not too large). I also pointed out the other servers in case OP, like at least one poster in this thread, was not already aware of the two non-community specific servers.

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This thread is silly anyway. People who want to play solo rarely want to talk with others. When they start talking with others, they will eventually start playing with others. Then they’d not be solo anymore. It’s well meant but not though through.

What he really needs to be doing is a discord server for lonely people who seek friends.

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What happened to get them deconcencrated?

I don’t know the details, but the Discord (and Reddit) mods are mostly (only?) players rather than CCP staff, so I don’t think the server lived up to CCP’s standards for an official game server with channels like #kanye-west-playment, #communist-chat, #random-bob-lotteries-and-xup, and #general-shitposts. It suffices to say that whereas the server once once listed in Discord’s directory of official game servers, this is no longer the case. This server has such a massive player base, and the relaxed rules (vs an “official CCP” server) suggests that if CCP were to launch their own server (unlikely given the manpower they’d need to mod it 24/7) it simply wouldn’t have the same appeal, and users would unlikely migrate from the existing two servers to the new one. Similarly, EVE does not have an official reddit in the sense that CCP are solely or the majority of the mods/admins of the reddit.

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