EVE still undying? A meta-perspective on the Death of the Author

Dear fellow spacenerds,

It has come to my attention that EVE is, as I predicted last summer [1], not dead. With the recent news about Death in EVE - opposed to the oft-discussed Death of EVE - I wish to inflict upon you an outsiders’ view of the meta-perspective of this Author, so to speak, that EVE has become in the public mind, and how meta-realistic functions within the game are interpreted by the Constitutive Other.
Some of my friends [2] know that I played EVE in the past. One [3] of them contacted me the other day; apparently their favourite source of daily trivialities about some external, non-sollipsist world had informed them that a million dollars would be destroyed in an online Excel Spreadsheet simulator. Their inquiry started with a reference to a news report, that contained a reference to a reddit post about a future event that might come to pass. Already we are down the rabbit hole of story-telling and interpretation from the Other.
Since we are not partakers of the Meta-narrative from the perspective of the Authors of said narrative, this effort of Reconstructing the Cold War [4] that Turned Hot will be partially foreign and anathema, ipso facto that it comes from the Constitutive Other, leading to the potentiality of pseudo-tribalistic opposition to this Other; viewing the intellectual effort as a Zero-Sum Game that you lost [5].
Thus we posit the question: Why is EVE Online, the popularly acknowledged exceptional game [6] that is keyboard-throw-inducing and abusive [7], still undying?
We source this to the continued reAuthoring of the Narrative; a steady stream of Dying Authors in the eye of the Public imagination where large-scale Empires verge on the brink of war and destruction; a Guns of August [8] style scenario unfolding repeatedly and allowing for wide interpretative efforts; where the “good” and “bad” can be reinvented as desired and become whatsoever is desired by the Medium of Communications.
Furthermore, the Narrative permits an eternal application of Political Partisanship, where salient animosities in the Public are exploited for the sake of inexpensive massmedia distribution; leading yet more Innocent consumers of entertainment into the Den of Lions, Bees or Hordes.
These two factors, coupled with an inflammatory rhetoric of Destruction, a reversal of the common desire to be a Millionaire [9], become instrumental in the continued Death, not of EVE but in EVE, as new cinder is brought to the furnaces of the Null-Sec Empires; as long as EVE can remain a Meta-Narrative where the various Authors of the Game continually Die in the Eyes of Public consumption, EVE will demand attention from the non-Sollipsist Outsider, and can remain in the undying Limbo where it has been since 2001 [10].

[1] Forum achievements sign of EVE death or meta-emergent gameplay? A philosophical framework on the reality of EVE
[2] “Friend” is a category of “people I know who are not immediately hostile to my presence”.
[3] A hardworking single mother from Wisconsin, who I later hired to be a feel-good reference in my online posting.
[4] Hopf, T. (2012). Reconstructing the Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958. Oxford University Press.
[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
[6] Bergstrom, K., Carter, M., Woodford, D., & Paul, C. (2013). Constructing the ideal EVE online player. Proceedings of DiGRA 2013: DeFragging Game Studies.
[7] Paul, C. A. (2011, June). Don’t play me: EVE Online, new players and rhetoric. In Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Foundations of Digital Games (pp. 262-264). ACM.
[8] Tuchman, B. W. (1962). The guns of August. Ballantine Books.
[9] Freedman, D. (2003). Who wants to be a millionaire? The politics of television exports. Information, Communication & Society, 6(1), 24-41.
[10] This does seem like BS, but it’s not. Rather, it’s repurposed bovine waste.

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It feels like you’ve written a lot to convey only a little. But perhaps I lack the eyes to see.

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Spacing would be nice as opposed to a wall of text.

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Chribba’s player count website proves you wrong and that eve is failing terribly and dying.

Last jump was Alphas, player count has since dropped back down.

When looking at the graph, if you dont think eve is dying you are either ignorant, blind, stupid, or a liar.


Of course will die one day, but looking the graph i see at least one more decade of life.

When you are a Dr. and you say “EVE is dying” in a serious tone on Fanfest presentation about game economy, everyone is dead silent, untill you say that was a joke.


Many words were typed this day. Some suggest in them are thoughts however the common thought is this could be a coded message. Perhaps being used to coordinate the buy date to create a market run of Fedos. We may never learn the meaning of this combination of letters.


Needs Citation.

psh. It is clear that you have not aquainted yourself with the very important work of Backe and Aarseth in relation to zombie-ism. May I suggest you go read

Backe, H., Aarseth, E. (2013) Ludic Zombies: An Examination of Zombieism in Games. Proceedings of DiGRA 2013: DeFragging Game Studies.

As they show the allegorical dimension and the iconography of the zombie trope are present in all games. Unlike games which try to sidestep or problematize the ludic zombie, EVE embeds the trope into the meta game. As such, it’s cold dead eyes reinforce and reinvigorate rituals of Othering and Commodification of Bodies, whilst simultaneously enticing one to face the threat of Consumerism on the collective psyche.

Its powerful stuff. :smirk_cat:

Maybe someone is using the post-modern gibberish generator at Monash (?) which creates text like the OP complete with citations.

Indeed I had not read their work, thank you for bringing it to my attention. As you correctly point out, zombie iconography is an oft-used reference to an entirely alien Other, which I had not considered when committing my work on the Undying of EVE.
One might come to the conclusion that the cause for EVE’s longevity is not solely explained by the factors I elucidate in my work, but can also be sufficiently explained in a framework of being undead; dead yet still infused with Dark Magicks; a Perfect Constitutive Other.
I put it to you that further work is necessary before we can declare with certainty which explanatory model is correct.

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My gibberish is lovingly hand-crafted, thank you very much!

(And not gibberish; rather, a form of long-winded, pseudo-intellectual non-informative way of communicating basic concepts in prolonged terminology.)

Got it. 4

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I’m going to go and pull Salvador Dali from his grave and have him put your thoughts onto a canvas.

“When you are a genius, you do not have the right to die, because we are necessary for the progress of humanity”

Salvador Dali

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One of my major life goals is to induce my interlocutors to have in their possession, physical or digital, a dictionary for any exchange of verbal or written information that we partake in.

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