Eve Vanguard Idea

I’ve played Eve Vanguard each time its come out and I honestly find it kinda boring.

I think it would be cool if there were different maps with different missions similar to what Starcraft: Ghost would have been

For example you’re a squad that infiltrates an Athanor and either sabotages the moodrill firing or prevents the sabotage.

Or you’re a squad sent on-board a ship carrying a VIP NPC and you have to set the self-destruct of the ship to kill the VIP or prevent the self destruct.

Or you’re a squad on some P.I. factory and someone has hired you to redirect the P.I. away from the intended recipient and direct it to someone else / prevent the redirect.

Or maybe not even PvP focused; maybe you play as part of a team of engineers on board a ship and the capsuleer has skill-injected, I don’t know, Weapon Upgrades V, and you and your team on board his ship have to work together and scramble to adapt his weapons to make use of the newly injected SP before the timer runs out. Or you’re on a space station re-fitting a ship with new modules; “Alright Privates! Our mission is to attach both Mining Laser IIs before the Capsuleer gets back!”


Post this to the vanguard section of eve discord.