EVE Vegas 2019 Update & New Plans for 2020!

So when i click on the link:

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Is this part of the plan for 2020?


Agreed! And NOLA also sounds like a awesome idea. @CCP_Falcon I hope you are listening.

I was born and raised in San Diego. It is a beautiful city. But it is NOT Las Vegas. San Diego IS NOT a party town. Keep this in mind for those of you who have not been to San Diego…

NOTHING in San Diego is open 24/7

  1. Bars close down at 2AM

  2. Alcohol can not be sold after 2AM

  3. Restaurants, clubs, anything that is public, closes either at Midnight or at 2AM (Except Denny’s)

  4. For those who are not much into drinking…that’s fine, much respect, but also, don’t think about renting a BnB and just having a simple party all night. San Diego is a very relaxed, chill kinda town. Not a party town. Trying to have a all night party will almost certainly have the neighbors call the cops and shut you down before the party gets started. Drinkers or not…parties wont happen. Not even at your hotel.

Removing this event from Las Vegas is a huge mistake. Only a true 24/7 city can have any chance of properly hosting the EVE Online kind of party. I am at a loss as to why CCP is dead set on a “Summer of Destruction” but good luck with it. o/



The more costs are saved the more profit they make…

Did I just read this right?
You said you have sold the most tickets ever to EVEVEGAS so your gona cancel it for next year?
You guys need to open a couple windows and get some fresh air, dont think your thinking right.

Didn’t your grandfather ever tell you
“if something isn’t broken, dont try and fix it”?

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You can replace a used technology by a newer one even if the older technology is not broken…this is called “technological progress”… :slight_smile:

If they think meetings like this are outdated there’s nothing to discuss…

I mean Alliance tournament is gone too…first there was a big whining about,now nobody talks about it anymore…

NOTHING is forever…not even this game…better get used to this…

I see your ‘nothing’ and raise you Death & Taxes!…better get used to this…


Why visit Las Vegas when you can visit Hawaii? I mean…Icelandʻs an island nation, weʻre an island nation, you have an active volcano, we have an active volcano, you have ebony beaches, we have ebony beaches, no one understands Icelandic, no one understands Pidgin, you have Sigur Rós, I promoted a Hawaii show by Sigur Rós…weʻre such a match, LOL!

rip the game! gj ccp

Would someone kindly post a link that has the schedule of events for 2019 Las Vegas. Thank you

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