Eve Vision: play EVE without ever needing to leave EVE

Ingame browser replacement, with extra functionality?

This is a worthy addition to the range of 3rd party tools available thanks to the efforts of players.

I think I shall have a tinker, and possibly update my google sheets so that they work again.

Rip n’ teared my way through 90 posts. Follow all the rules and be civil, first and only warning. If you can’t have a civil argument on the forums, go shoot each other in game. Thanks.


The real hero.


Heads up that Google sometimes blocks people from logging in for reasons I haven’t entirely determined yet.


Because thats criticism thats so much needed here. Not actually anything offensive.

Hey guys, I know this discussion has gotten a bit intense here over this tool. This is a general request to please just chill a bit, leave it be if you need to and please don’t abuse the flagging system.

CCP is aware of this tool and I haven’t heard of any concerns regarding EULA violations at this time. To my understanding this is mostly just a web-browser overlay which isn’t considered an exploit. If other concerns arise we’ll let you know at that point.

For now, please just chill out a bit and we’ll worry about the EULA.


Slightly off-topic, but it’s very refreshing to see you communicating with us like this. Keep up the good work, please.


Could you point out where the author explicitly states that?

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The author of a third party tool does not dictate whether or not that tool is EULA compliant. If we identify an EULA issue with a third party tool we will take care of it at that time.


I understand if you can’t say one way or another on this, but what happens if CCP decides it does violate the EULA - will those that use it before that be in trouble, or will there be some leeway?

I’m not the best person to speak on this and given we’re headed into a holiday weekend it will be a little while before I can get a more authoritative answer. I doubt such a decision would be retroactive in a case like this however.

Just to reiterate, please let the EULA speculation be for now. We’ll let you know if any concerns arise.



Well, I guess that settles that. Thank you so much, Aurora.

I’ve been in constant contact with multiple CCP employees, CSMs, and other community leaders since the beginning of this project to ensure this will remain EULA-compliant and healthy for the game. I will continue to do so.

Additionally, there’s going to be a ‘revocation’ list added in the next version that will make it so I can retroactively remove features and plugins that are possibly later deemed against the EULA OR found to be replaced with malicious sites. For those who are more technical, think central certificate revocation lists.


Sounds good. If any specific concerns arise we’re happy to work with you as best we can on them.


my dude, you took a screenshot and opened it up from google

but just to entertain you one last time - EveVision can’t run on the GPU. It has to be entirely CPU bound, which makes any kind of copying from other DirectX applications horribly slow. So no, that will never be possible in EveVision.

lmao at your note though, you seriously are that delusional that you think they’ll ban you for showing a screenshot inside of an evevision window


You build a strawman, you have to hit it yourself. Dont ask CCP to do it.


Well, if that’s the case, whatever URL it’s on will be banned from the revocation list. You’ll have to make your own version of EveVision to use it. But anyways, I’m seriously done now - it’s been great Lucas but you just gotta accept when you’re wrong, bud.

If anyone needs any help, I’m always on the Discord!


Hey, I can twitch a stream and open it in a browser too in opera, on top of EVE window. Does it mean I am banned now? :joy: