EVE: War of Ascension

Not cool that it’s not available in the U.S. When will this be fixed?

Because it is not available anywhere?

I guess that will be fixed when the game is released, sometime later this year.

Blockquote EVE: War of Ascension, a mobile spinoff game from the hit PC MMO title EVE Online, has officially launched.
The new free-to-play game lets players assemble space fleets and compete against hundreds of players online at once.
CCP Games also announced yet another EVE Online mobile game that’s coming in 2019.

Seems it fails right from the start, that or communication with the public messed up.

:bittervet statement about how I’m not surprised:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is just the playable beta version that has been kicking around since fanfest:

It’s not really working for anyone nor has their been any announcement by CCP or is it on their website.

Android. Yawn…

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It will be out on IOS. In fact, they said at Fanfest that it would be on IOS first which is another red flag that someone has jumped the gun and reportedly the game as released when in fact it hasn’t been yet.

I am sure there will be plenty of fanfare and publicity when the full release actually occurs.

It has reviews, and other stuff, that’s why I thought it was out, plus I did notice it’s android articles that had it published.

The EVE: Galaxy game is coming to iOS first

You can find the APK and install it and it works perfectly, albeit without a tutorial. I’m not going to link to it here in case it turns out to have been leaked or something and it violates the terms of service, but it’s very easy to find.

The vast and increasing majority of phones run Android, and still most mobile games either launch on both iOS and Android simultaneously or iOS first, so I really don’t understand what the point of this comment is.

I’m sure a lot of people will complain about this being an idle game, forgetting that EVE Online is the world’s first successful and by far most advanced idle game…


Of this I have no doubt.

But that doesn’t change the fact this is is most likely the same beta version CCP handed out at FanFest. There has been no official announcement from either developer, no hint of an IOS version, and apparently it doesn’t work in most places in the world. Just a couple hits on the search engines from some some third-tier phone app blogs claiming it has somehow been released.

When it actually has been released, we’ll all know.

it would seem very few Android users can actually install it. Play Store user reviews have been trickling in since June 8th, so the beta must be available somewhere, but without an announcement from the developers, your guess is as good as mine as to who can access the download.

It’s also worth mentioning that EVE: War of Ascension is going to release as a free-to-play title. You can expect in-app purchases that range from $1.99 - $199.99 per item. So if you had any doubt this would exist primarily as a cash grab of the well-known EVE Online name, those $200 IAPs should quickly clear things up for you

That explains a lot.

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Hi, for anyone currently playing the game, I couldnt find an official discord so I created a global one for all corps to share

Link is invalid. But hey there are quite a few of us bittervets playing it right now. Even Grath and Mawderator are playing. Should say something.

I am curious. What does that say?

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I was shocked to find out that there are still poor souls in the world who play on consoles. And now you tell me there are people who have it much worse than that who have to play on their phone? :scream:

I’m just shocked really.

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nothing wrong with console. I grew up with Nintendo and currently have ps4 for some great exclusives.



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Perfect soft launch.

Huh it’s not downloadable in the US…