Eve: War of Assension

What ever happened to this mobile game? While I wasnt too impressed with what was shown at Fanfest, I was still looking forward to a way to get my Eve fix at work.

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still only available to certain demographics… i can see it, but can’t DL it.

Thanks for the info, I cant eve see it.

Looks as if, the version that was available was a beta version that ended sometime in september.

Many, many thanks to the commitment and effort of our community for providing us with an enormous amount of valuable data and feedback!

All participants in the first phase of launch will receive an exclusive “Founder’s Pack” on return to the game to thank them for their service. We’re also providing players with a full refund for any purchases made.


Now that the beta is ending we’re applying all the things we’ve learned, making some exciting new additions and get ready for our global launch in 2019.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to giving you a first look at our plans for the next phase of EVE: War of Ascension’s development on-stage at EVE Vegas in October. See you there!

So looks like its officially being released globally and whoever got to play it, will receive a “founders pack” b.s.


It isnt impressive graphically, other spaceship games look better on mobile, in EVE: War of Ascension spaceships barely resemble those found in EVE and their roles are taken completely from (_ ! _).

Its not mini EVE, its not mini New Eden, its some kind of fairytale kind of New Eden, found in childrens handbooks.


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