EVE Watson

Get Watson (IBM) and give Watson a few hundred accounts with some amount of SP to distribute and let it loose in null. Give it a conquest based goal set, but make it also earn it’s own isk.

All other “team/raid/operation” style PvE in any game is obsolete that day.

Watson’s primary function is to predict and head off competitor’s patents based on hiring, requisition, and plain espionage. It would likely just extend this focus to build a small industrial enclave and hand out ships to groups it deemed disruptive.

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And predict weather, although that may be a dubious example of AI :slight_smile:

It is however a product that can be applied to almost any problem domain.

Not only earn its own isk, but build its own ships and modules so it is a self sufficient standalone system!

Without using the market right? :slight_smile:

Obtain all those BPOs etc.

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