Drifters vs Capsuleer's news as 10?

It could possible be a method to clear out regions for a future TRIG faction space, and maybe even a Drift one.

From what ive read and seen this is a high possiblity for this, we’ve now seen an invasion go from highsec all the way into nulsec in the last few days.

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probably not.

no, drifters in null - trigs in high; and they dont like each other.

Maybe the Drifters need to be balanced more around who has how many others on blue standing. The more blues on your list, the stronger the attacking forces.

It’s only logical from their point of view, and would certainly help breaking up those huge coalitions that make bigger changes very unlikely to happen and run counter to people wanting PVP in Null.

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Yeah, I agree, recent events definitely sets the stage for that outcome.

I was thinking along similar lines. However, if the Drifters are targeting density of citadels, this may open up areas for smaller entities.

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Opps, This is my suggestion :rofl:

Well the nulsec was complaining how Trjg invasions were only in Highsec, I guess they got what they asked for.

Just its not Trig fleets, its Drifter fleets.

To be honest i think they got lucky, when you think about the lore about these two groups, the Trig can kill Drifters better than New Eden forces can, so think of those anti-Drifter Trig fleets attacking nulsec…


Not Drifter, but instead to the Trig invasion fleets.

As we are seeing invasions going through server downtime and expanding, even into nulsec now in one invasion.

I remember the work it took to keep claimed space on another character that I just got back. Lived in Solitude for awhile. Don’t know what to make of it, but feel upset and not sure why. Lots of eve history to just vanish to npc?

It was in the invasion notes as a foot note, just many didn’t bother completely reading it.


Sorry but last night my corp saw an invasion in nulsec as a perimeter invasion, the foothold was in highsec, and went through one lowsec into null.

It proves the theory if a invasion is left to expand it expands its radius by one system, even into nulsec.

Yes your right drifters are nulsec focused, but we were told trig invasion will expand if they pass through server downtime.

Personally I’m interested in how far one could expand.

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High sec players have been testing drifters for the last several years, including drifter death balls that attack structures.
You’re welcome.

They also don’t have more dps on their primary guns than a player would. And far less tank.

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God that was fun when nulsec was opened up, it was like the US go West land grabs back in the 1800’s.

We made heap just shipping out ammo and selling to land claimers trying to hold what they had got.

Fun times, this Drifter attack might start that up again!

This sounds good at first look, but do you really think this makes a difference for goons and pets? In the worst case this further reduces PvP content, and alienate players who don’t like PvE.

Forcing PvE on PvP players, is one of the pillars of doom, which led us here, making the goon’s play style the only one valid in nullsec.

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Is it really forcing PVE on players, no matter where you play there is PVE that will agro on players.

All that’s happen here is the PVE have given the capable of handling player groups that would under normal situation blow through PVE fleets as if they weren’t there. And the PVE have had an non-combat item turned into an open target.

It’s funny how everyone says this is terrible yet applauded all the forced PvE in highsec.
It’s like some people are giant hypocrites or something.


A PvP fleet fighting NPCs is not fighting other players, and I don’t believe CCP will escalate this to a level where it has a real impact on the map.

Isn’t this the truth, for years it’s HTFU in your face and now that the tables are turned, at least one strategy would be to snipe them, a fleet of snipers should have some success.


I have sympathy for that opinion. Perhaps what it means though is that the sandbox still exists but CCP has effectively entered the game as a player? (In a way it perhaps hasn’t done so previously?)

This is not perhaps the same as what @Marcus_Gideon posted, but I can use it for (my) bias confirmation:

Then again, I also have empathy with this position …

… ah yes, but it is fun nonsense. And apparently as agreed to by the consensus on the forums, so far?

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If you look on reddit, the drifters seem not to follow timers, but just randomly attack stuff … hence this whole thing can be ignored.

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