EVE World Tour 2019

EVE Dust 514… dead.
EVE Valkyrie… dead.
EVE Gunjack… dead.
EVE Nova… on life support (recommendation: pull plug)

EVE Online…

  • Beta trading (we didn’t really need Jita anyway)
  • Beta security (bots? what bots?)
  • Beta map, camera (years in the making)
  • Beta chat (coming up on 1yr anniversary)
  • Beta events (of course we want to constantly click for our rewards!)
  • Beta launcher (again)
  • Beta VPN (instant banhammer, except Russia; see Beta security)

Coming in 2019:

  • Beta 64-bit client (this should be a Gong Show)
  • Ship and module balancing (haha)
  • Module tiericide (yeah, right…)
  • ECM rebalance (or how not to make Black Ops suck)
  • T3C rebalance (or how to make the Proteus op again)
  • WarDec rebalance (or how to get rid of those annoying NPC corporations)
  • Gila rebalance (we didn’t need it for Abyssal runs anyway…)
  • Abyss rebalance (now more Gila friendly!)
  • EVE Online Mobile! (just what we’ve all been looking forward to!)

EVE mobile…Cash cow. ■■■■ the rest of that list.

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OMG! I have a phone! Time to play eve online from the workplace! :smiley:

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