在《EVE Online》即将迎来20周年庆这一具有历史性意义的时刻,矗立于冰岛雷克雅未克的“Worlds Within Worlds”纪念碑也将迎来首次扩建。扩建后的纪念碑将在2023年的Fanfest上揭幕。这座令人惊叹的纪念碑代表了《EVE Online》对游戏世界的影响,我们希望它继续成为亲手创造这一切的广大玩家社群的象征。



我们很高兴看到《星战前夜:晨曦》中国玩家们的热情,并期待在“Worlds Within Worlds”纪念碑上见到您的名字。感谢您和我们一起创造《EVE Online》的历史!

Fly safe!

Hello everyone
Based on feedback, the deadline has been extended to the entire month of May for Tranquility and we will also be extending that deadline for Serenity. That means you now have until the end of the month to upgrade to Omega and secure your place among the legends of New Eden.
To further clarify, you only need to be Omega for at least one day in the month of May and not the entire month.

Hello everyone,

As we celebrate the monumental milestone of EVE Online’s 20th anniversary, we are – for the first time in a decade - expanding the Worlds Within Worlds monument located in Reykjavík, Iceland, which will be unveiled at Fanfest 2023. This awe-inspiring monument represents the impact that EVE Online has had on the gaming world, and we want to make sure that it continues to reflect the amazing community of players that make it all possible.

We’re now thrilled to confirm that in addition to immortalizing the names of the capsuleers who have made their mark on the Tranquility server, we will also be adding character names from both the Serenity and Infinity servers.

To be a part of this historic moment, all you need to do is fill out the survey linked below. The process of adding character names from Serenity and Infinity to the monument will be opt-in, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to be included. We encourage all of you, our players, to participate in this unique opportunity to leave your mark on the EVE universe and become a permanent part of its history.

[Survey Link]

As with Tranquility characters, to be eligible for inclusion, your account must be Omega on May 6, 2023. Please note that there is a limit of one submission per account, and all submissions must comply with our naming policies. Please take the time to read the survey carefully and provide us with accurate information.

We are excited to see the enthusiasm of our EVE Online China players and look forward to immortalizing your names on the Worlds Within A World EVE Online Monument. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community and helping us to make EVE Online history.

Fly safe, and we’ll see you at Fanfest 2023!



Tranquility is added automaticly? = no survey
Serenity and Infinity is opt in? = fill survey

is this right?


From how I understood it before, this survey is only for Serenity/Infinity players that chose to opt-in. TQ players will be auto-included as long as you have Omega on May 6th.

If there happens to be two pilots with the same name on either servers (eg I have Chribba on Serenity as well) the pilot that has the most SP will be the one included.


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hmm … thats what i guessed but was not sure



Well, at least something will be unveiled at Fanfest, unlike last year…

《夏娃:黎明》喜欢爱子! ?
@Zaera_Keena ? is that what that reads?

The real question is, will their be a bad ass END OF THE YEAR video this year?

What is with the Japanese? You do know that Zaera can’t speak it , right?

Oh that is right your name is not Zorya,

Zarya , Zara , Zorza , Zaranitsa , Zoryushka ,
feminine personification of dawn, possibly goddess